28 Dec 2010

MY WORLD - Let it snow !

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My world hasn't changed since last week, in fact it became even worse !

This was the view out of my room on Friday the 24th ! Even an ice block covered with snow hanging over the garage. We could have made a bet of who goes out first and be killed first !

We had no steps anymore leading to the housedoor

and my little animal cimetary in the corner of our garden was also almost invisible. There weren't even paw prints from our cats.

I couldn't look into the kitchen of my neighbor Domi to see what she was cooking, and the other neighbor had also disappeared in the snow. Our street looked as a village in Alaska only the houses looked different.

Although the view out of our living room window was quiet romantic, we were rather nervous because we had to go to Amsterdam which is about 220 km from Waterloo.

After digging out our Garage door and making a little way to get the car out, we managed to get on the street and could drive without major problem to Amsterdam and celebrate Christmas. See post below.


claudie said...

It looks so beautiful but what a work for all! If in North North Europa they are used with it, it isn't the case in France and Waterloo! Salt felt ... I hope for you it will come back to the normal. Mon anglais doit ĂȘtre bien mĂ©diocre car je ne connais pas les expressions! aujourd'hui pas de neige ici mais je dois faire des cartons et encore des cartons!!!

Gledwood said...

You're lucky having so much snow. Ours turns to ice quickly. Sometimes it rains and then freezes which turns the streets into an ice rink. I walk down the middle of the road on side roads, where the tyres have worn the ice to nothing. I have to keep getting out of the way for highly inconsiderate car drivers but I'd rather do that than walk on ice!

Dutch isn't a language!

I know what you mean. From what I understand, German, low German and Dutch are on a continuum with no dividing lines as such between any of them. Even English would fid in to this if only we weren't an island and (more to the point) hadn't been invaded by those pesky French in 1066!

I'm doing what you said. Can't stand rubbish any more!

maryt/theteach said...

Your place looks just like mine in NYC! Happy Holidays, Gattina, and Happy New Year! :)

Loree said...

Wow, all that snow is amazing but very bothersome, I am sure to have to dig out your garage door and car etc. Hope you're enjoying Amsterdam.

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

Wow that would be daunting to have to get out and drive in. Just think of when people had to travel by carriage or in an open sled. Gives kind of perspective on how fortunate we really are. Happy WW and upcoming New Year!

Judie said...

Gattina, great snow pictures! On NPR yesterday I heard that Tucson might get snow! I hope not! I had enought snow to last me a lifetime when I lived in Chicago!

Stay warm!!!

Pamela said...

beautiful but treacherous.
The house always seems more cozy and snug -- and the fireplace beckons!

I wonder when the last time Europe had such a wonderland.

Two years ago we had close to 3 feet about this time. Right now we have a few inches and very cold. I worry about my flowers in the ground freezing and dying at the root.