31 Dec 2010


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1. Since we came back from Amsterdam where we had celebrated Christmas, it had started to snow again and for 3 days we were litterally prisonners of our house !


On TV they only talked about the snow, the chaos at the airport, people without electricity and of course car accidents just like in an action movie where it is normal that cars fly through the air and turn around. Car insurances suffer nightmares !

3. Dominique was able to get her car out of the snow and did the shopping for us and my other neighbor. She delivered everything and we took the opportunity to have a cup of tea together and I showed her our Christmas pictures.

4. Vivi my 72 years old other neighbor had needed cigarettes, which I have to keep, because officially she has stopped smoking because her 92 year old boyfriend doesn't allow that she smokes. So she came at 9 am to pick up her cigarettes and we had a cup of coffee together and chatted about Christmas etc until finally she left us at 11 and now we know everything what is going on in our street ! Fortunately nobody died, but the neighbor's son has finally found a girlfriend and left his parents after 29 years of commun life. I hope for them that he won't come back.

5. The rest of my time I spent with snow shuffling, sorting out my pictures, answering Christmas and New Year wishes and watched some crime stories on TV and of course with blogging.

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To all of you !


Trotter said...

Hi Gattina! Have a Happy and Successful New Year!! Wish you all the best!!
Horus and Sobek wait for you at Kom Ombo. Enjoy!

PS: Love the story of the 92 year old boy friend... ;)

Maribeth said...

Looks like the kitties are ready to party! Have a very Happy New Year!!!

Cindy said...

Wishing you all the best in the New Year. Our television was displaying the same snow stories only Canadian ones. It sure looks beautiful with the snow glistening this am.

Faith said...

wow..a 92 year old bf!!! awesome.....yeah...maybe you can encourage her to stop smoking and then SHE can live to be 92 :)
we had our first real snow here in New York State! (my part of nys i mean..the western half of the state got it in november!). we had 8 inches on monday but now it is slowly melting as the temps are reaching near 50 this afternoon and tomorrow....but..it is still pretty for now.....happy new year and have a blessed weekend!!

Kari said...

wow that is a lot of snow. I've seen on the news all the snow that you've been getting. hope it slows down a little. Stay warm.
Wishing you all the best for the New Year.
p.s. i like you blogger banner. very festive.

Susanne said...

That's quite a bit of snow. Is that unusual for you guys? We had the same but we're used to that kind of thing.

Happy New Year!

Hootin' Anni said...

Happy Happy New Year to you Ms. G!!!!

Hope in every corner of your world you'll find the happiness and laughter we all want...for 2011

Loree said...

Happy new year to you too gattina. I will wish you a year with less snow as I know you will like that. Send some over here. The kids would be in heaven. Thanks for your continuous support on my blogs.

Brenda said...

You've had some cold weather in your part of the world! Love seeing all the pictures. Stay warm!

A Lady's Life said...

My Cousin left to go home to England.
I don;t know how much fun it was for him this year catching a cold from the airplane had him down and the -16C weather and now the trudge through all this mess back home
Sometimes the best holiday is the one you spend at home.lol

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

I think your weather situation has been even worse than ours! I curse all the snow and the cold, cold temperatures. Though tonight it's unusually mild to be New Years Eve - only a couple of minus degrees.

Ops, I suddenly noticed that I had not sent this comment - it has been on my screen for many hours! I'm beginning to be demented... hi hi....


Willow said...

You've certainly been able to keep busy even though you have been housebound because of the snow storms. I'm glad your neighbor was able to get groceries for you.

Happy New Year!

claudie said...

Hi hi!!! Tu pourrais écrire un bon scénario sur la vie de ton quartier!!! Je suis sûr qu'on pourrait en faire un film à succès!
Le fils de tes voisins a enfin pris son envol!!!? Souhaitons que ce soit le bon!
Bise et bon 1er de l'an!

Melli said...

Your new year was MUCH more exciting than mine! I slept like Toby or Tyler -- all the way through!

Pamela said...

I wish I spent more time talking with the neighbors.

*ps. I sure feel sorry for the new girlfriend of the deadbeat son. ouch.