4 Dec 2010


From Saturday to Saturday there are less and less participants for "Weekend Funnies"

That's why I think it is time to celebrate its funerals

in all honors !

From next Saturday on I'll write something funny at least I hope so out of my daily life.

This week for example Mr. G. fell out of his bed because he had dreamed that he was jumping behind a bush to avoid a train. And while falling down, he took with him the bedside table, the lamp which stood on it and the radio alarm clock. Fortunately he landed in cat Pookie's basket which was not big enough for him of course. Now the basket is broken on one side, the lamp and radio out of work. The bedside table lay upside down on the floor and in the middle sat Mr. G.

I called this a "Still Life", but had no time to paint him.

But he has nothing.

If you too have some funny stories to tell, join me here.

Saturday Fun Stories :


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

LOLOLOL...I love the painting that doesn't exist. You even titled it "Still Life".

Maribeth said...

Ah poor Mr. G. Hope his still life bottom didn't get bruised!

A Lady's Life said...

lol that was funny Can you imagine falling out of bed like that in horror. Poor man. lol
I loved your doll story. That was ingenious of your parents to change the doll from a boy into a girl.
Good Job! :)

Hazel said...

LOL! Avoiding the train and Pookie's facial expression cracked me up.

Pamela said...

oh wow. that was a realistic nightmare he had.

my husband talks in his sleep - and occasionally waves about his arms.

But nothinhg like that.