30 Nov 2010

MY WORLD - Brussels North Station

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25 years ago I used to take the train every day from Waterloo to Brussels North. I knew the North station very well. Behind the station was the red zone with the girls sitting in the windows mostly knitting and when I saw the chair empty with the knitting needles and the wool I knew that they had a client.

So I was more than surprised when I went by train to Brussels North Station and didn't recognize anything ! The whole district had completely changed and I even had to ask for the most famous street for shopping the "Rue Neuve" which I couldn't find. There were buildings like glass boxes which had grown a little everywhere.

Bruxelles-Nord (Brussels North) is one of the three major railway stations in Brussels; the other two are Brussels Central and Brussels South.

Every regular domestic and international train (except Thalys and the weekdays IC-B to Amsterdam) passing here also has a planned stop.

The station is now in the middle of the Northern Quarter business district, with several corporation headquarters, government offices and Flemish ministries which hadn't existed before, all the old beautiful buildings had been torn down and only a few are left.

From the North Station only the tower hadn't changed. It was still the same than 53 years ago

but the station had been enlarged and modernized. Nothing was left from the good old North Station

That's how it looks today


and buildings

one more uglier than the other

But they also had built new appartment houses

and finally my old street hadn't changed

The rue Neuve early mornings usually there are so many people shopping here that you hardly can walk.

The old Galery where I used to eat an ice cream with my girl friends was still there

But the movie theatre had become a store

Quiet disappointed I returned home.


Sylvia K said...

Our worlds do change, don't they? I don't recognize many of mine anymore. Love your photos as always -- new or old, they're always terrific! Hope your week goes well, Gattina!


Gledwood said...

That looks like anywheresville!
Is Brussels Midi the same as Brussels Central? That's where my beloved Eurostar terminates (when I ever get to ride it!)

Did you know in 2013 they will run German ICEs from London that will split in half in Belgium, half going to Amsterdam, the other half going to Frankfurt. How funky is that!!

diane said...

I find it difficult to decide if I like new or old. I love the old buildings especially if they are well maintained.I also like new modern buildings too.

Jenny said...

Some things should never be allowed to change. Especially those cool signs in the last picture. Those should stay the same forever. They are really neat!

I'll take historic and old, thank you very much!

Maribeth said...

The house I grew up in from birth to age to, doesn't even resemble itself any more. The owners have added and subtracted so much. Gone are my mothers lilacs and roses!
I cannot even stand to go back to the farm Hubby and I owned when we were first married. Not one thing has been done and the 200 year old farm house is falling in.

Anonymous said...

Not all modernizations are good ones...

aka Penelope said...

Funny how things change over time. However, it is always wonderful when architects incorporate the older more historical buildings in their new designs. After all … it is history that tourists clamor for when they take trips. Keeping the old is good for the economy. :)

Loree said...

So many changes. I know, it can be a bit sad. At least your old street hasn;t changed.