3 Dec 2010


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1. This had been a quiet nice week.

I had been with my acqua gym group to an Asiatic restaurant, were greeted by this enormous buddha who also watched over us at table. We were celebrating the 50 (!) birthday of our trainer, the second from left. Of course we had a lot of fun and I am quiet sure that the other guests must have thought that we had escaped from a mad house and were not the decent ladies from an Acqua gym group.

2. I did some Christmas decoration shopping for the flower pots outside, but when I tried to pull out the fake flowers I had put in as a sort of bridge between the seasons, I was unable to do so, the flowers were frozen in the pots and impossible to pull out.

3. So I finished my inside Christmas decoration

This is my "season" basket sitting in the entrance and now ready for Christmas

4. The highlight of the whole week was a concert with Elton John in Brussels, it was absolutely great !

what an artist ! I will write more about the concert on Sunday.

5. and then we got the snow and the cold from the UK ! This was my view this morning when I opened the stores ! It had been freezing cold during the night - 10 °C (14 F) and then during the day - 6° (21 F)

The whole traffic had broken down there were lots of accidents, so what did, I stayed home and tried to create a nice Christmas card to be sent per email. Since ages we don't write Christmas cards anymore, those who don't have a computer just call.

I had put a Christmas hat on my grandchild little Toby, thanks to internet I get the newest pictures from my son, and I just added the hat. This is only his picture, the composition of the card with other things took me quiet some time and then when I was fed up I went over to Dominique for a cup of tea and a little chat.


Mar said...

This time I am jealous!! I love Elton John's music!!
Toby looks adorable with the "edited" Santa hat, how cute.

Jo said...

What a lovely Friday Fave Five. I enjoyed is as usual. Yes, I can imagine a bunch of women together eating, laughing and chatting. It always sounds so festive. What a DARLING little boy Toby is. Dad sure sounds like a proud papa. Have a great weekend, Gattina. Greetings from Jo

Gracie said...

Nice Santa you have there!!! He's a really cute kid....

Maribeth said...

Oh he is just adorable! Just think, in one year he will be sitting up all toothy smiles!

Barbara H. said...

What a little cutie your grandson is! That card is just darling.

nikkipolani said...

Gatinna, what a full and exciting week you've had! Very ingenious of you to add a hat to that adorable photo of Toby.

Carrie said...

A quiet, peaceful week is a wonderful thing. It's so fun to decorate for Christmas!

Funny picture there of your grandson. =D

Enjoy your weekend. Happy FFF!

jabblog said...

Toby is so cute - a photo to embarrass him when he has his first girl-friend;-)

A Lady's Life said...

Well you seem to be with it all. lol
Really in the mood so to speak.
Looks like it's going to be a great Christmas!!

EastCoastLife said...

Little Toby is so adorable in that Santa hat. Could I have a real Christmas card from you all the way from Belgium? :P

Faith said...

Oh I used to LOVE Elton John back in my high school days....love your seasonal basket...so cheery!
And what a cute grandbaby!!
WOW...you all have snow over there! here in my part of New York State we are dry but getting colder...saw a few little flurries in the air but....no white stuff sticking except in the western part of the state near the Great Lakes. have a wonderful weekend!

claudie said...

What a marvelous time you had!!! Restaurant with the club, the concert with EJ, the christmas preparations and your grandson Toby is so cute!!!
I saw my BIL on tv this week at the journal télévisé de 20 h sur antenne 2!!! He was in Moulin after Lyon and the snow caused the big shit everywhere!!! So he had to park his car and was received in a Gymnaseum to take a rest and after the mayor of Moulin opened an hostel for people who were in carafe! He slept in a cold chamber in a small bed and gave the big bed to a couple of people who were in carafe like him!
He arrived in Paray Le Monial by his mother the day after!!!
So a journalist made an interview with different people lost in the storm!!! thats why I saw him on tv!!! What a surprise!

Brenda said...

I love the basket of decorations, so pretty! I alway enjoy your pictures and reading about life in your part of the world

Pamela said...

he is just precious. are you smitten? (: