26 Jun 2010


Shakira from "You are never alone" asked me to co host this meme together with her and I am very happy about it. Just do a funny post, something which makes us laugh that's the most important. It can be messed up pictures, or funny pictures, or funny stories etc.

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Last weekend was the reconstitution of the Waterloo battle and the town was full of soldiers in their historical uniforms. On Friday without any problem I made it through to the Lion, although all streets around the Lion were blocked, but I invented a story that I was a personal friend of the mayor and had forgotten my permission card. Of course this wasn't true but it worked.

I shot my photos of the battle scene preparations thinking that it was more interesting, because battle photos you can see far better elsewhere then on my blog. (I will show them for "My World" on Tuesday)

On Sunday I went back, or at least I intended so, to take some pictures before the battle took place and also of the soldiers and horses. No way to get near my Lion on my usual street. So I decided to take another street, the one I always take going back home, but I had never done the other way around. Of course I took the wrong exit, landed up on a highway and found myself suddenly in front of a huge movie theatre, which when I want to go there I never find. Now I was completely lost. I didn't even see my lion anymore.

Fortunately I always have Madame GPS with me. I switched her on and asked the way to the Lion. That beated everything ! 35 years I live here and the Lion and I are friends, but see, with my sense of orientation I could only be happy not to have landed up in France and follow Napoleon after the battle ! Of course no way to approach the site and disgusted by myself and also because it had started to rain, I ordered Madame GPS to take me home, which she did.

on my way back I saw two soldiers who had to walk to the battle field because they missed the bus !


Gledwood said...

Apparently when they fought the battle a lot of the buses on the French side were late and that's why Napoleon lost.

Also a single ticket cost 10 centimes, because the Euro hadn't yet been invented ...

Gledwood said...

... also because railways had yet to be invented, when you went through the Channel Tunnel to Dover you had to do it in a donkey-drawn turnip-cart with geese and chickens quacking away in the luggage holds...

Anonymous said...

Three cheers to Madame GPS. LOL I love your little story that wasn't true but worked LOL. You are such a good woman to take over for Shakira. Is she paying you money? ROFLMAO!!! Have a great Saturday :)

DianeCA said...

Oh I remember when we visited the battle grounds and you told me about the reenactments. So cool to read about it now after having been there. I also have a terrible sense of direction. Fortunately I have a telephone with google maps when I am really lost, and best of all - it doesn't talk! hahaha!!! Our Ms. GPS has a snotty little voice if you ask me :-)

Hazel said...

Walk to battle.... :D And a made-up friend of the mayor? I like that!

It's my second time on Weekend Funnies after awhile, and it's only now I found my way here (the first time I got kinda lost). Nice place you got here. I'll go have a look at Hooray for Saturday. Thanks.

Maude Lynn said...

Sounds like something that would happen to me. I can get lost in my own neighborhood!

Unknown said...

Hahahaha...poor you,Gattina.
I am so glad you can read the GPS,
which I am hopeless with.

again, thank you so much for hosting...
Jasmine had the cough and I am infected with it too...talk about sharing the pain? LOL


Unknown said...

I just read Thom's comment.
God bless him for thinking I can afford to pay you...LOL

♥ Kathy said...

How funny that they missed the bus...and yay for GPS lol if you want to link this in with me it's fine. Shakira just let me know that she wasn't posting for now. Or if you want me to link it for you I can :) Just let me know! Happy Saturday!

A Lady's Life said...

Don't worry Gattina Our G8 nd G20 meetings in Toronto are still battling with people on the street.
I can only shake my head in disapproval.
The PM brought jobs to Toronto to Canadian people to prepare for these meetings and they sit and complain. Would they rather he threw the money away somewhere else? I think people have too much time on their hands.
Glad your GPS is working well. :)

Pamela said...

why didn't you give those fellows a ride? (:
I'd love to see that reenactment. Can we all come to your house next year? ha ha ha