21 Jun 2010


The good Melli saved Fun Monday in extremis, and asks :

Show me (or tell me about) that ONE item in your house that you would just LOVE to put in the next neighborhood yard sale - or take to the dump - but that for SOME reason you just "can't"... and share the reason too!

Now that is not very easy for me, because when I don't like something I just throw or give it away. I am not a person who hangs on special objects or things in general. If tomorrow my house would burn with all its content, I would start to built a new one, with a new cat collection. That's what I think theoretically, fortunately practically it hasn't happened. But it's true I don't really keep on old things.

But there are two items which I always wanted to get rid of and they are still in a plastic bag in the basement. They take not much room but still, why do I keep them ?

They are two of my very first dolls from my childhood, very damaged by my son when he was 2 years old and my mother had given him my dolls what I didn't know. When I realized it, it was too late. I should have let him break them completely ! Now I am sitting here with the ruins and don't want to throw them away.

That's why they are still there. It's probably up to my son to finish the work he had begun when I am in heaven or hell.


Gledwood said...

the naked one looks demonically possessed!

Melli said...

Ohhhhhhh dear! Those poor babies! I hope that darling son of yours has learned how to take BETTER care of BABIES!!! That is funny Gattina!

I am LIKE you in that I don't cherish possessions either. Only photographs! Memories....

Maribeth said...

I played this week too.
Perhaps a doll restorer could fix them?
After all, you may just have a granddaughter!

Anonymous said...

I cannot get rid of my childhood doll, either. She is in a box in the basement, awaiting a granddaughter (who probably will not want such a doll).

Buck said...

All of my childhood toys are gone, and I miss one special thing that my grandmother gave to me. I'm glad you still have something from your younger days.

Faye said...

Some things it just seems wrong to throw away. I'd put first dolls in that category. Luckily I don't have mine. I'm into a big clearing out and de-cluttering in my home. It feels good to just be surrounded by things you love.

A Lady's Life said...

Wouldn't it be nice if it could be restored.
I love the story about the old toymaker who would collect old toys and fix them up and resell them or give them to charity organizations.
Sometimes it makes you think if you put something like into a wooden frame it would be a work of art.

Gledwood said...

don't throw them out, I know you won't

I still think they're scary, especially the one without clothes!!

why don't you get them restored, then the poor darling can be "exorcised" ;-)

Pamela said...

oh that makes me so sad. WR's nana had a beautiful alabaster doll, which his mom took over caring for --
then when his mom died, it was claimed by WR's sister. She sold it before we realized that she had Alzheimers and was doing such things as selling family heirlooms (we were able to track down and buy back the grandfather clock)