9 Feb 2010


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The weather for once was so nice that I thought to make a little trip in the past. I went to the part of Brussels where I lived with my parents in 1958 til 1965 when I moved out and had my own flat. But the neighbourhood remained the same

The street where we lived

and the house. It hadn't changed at all. See, I also lived in a "white house" !

Instead of the vegetable and other stuff shop there is now an appartment. It had been one of these little shops you don't find anymore where you could get everything from potatoes to a safety pin.

my way to the school (which doesn't exist anymore)

When I got married we moved into this appartment on the first floor, not far from my parents

It was a strange feeling to imagine that I had looked out of the window there 40 years ago and went in and out the entrance door.

The street

almost around the corner was and is a very modern church (all catholic of course) where our son had been baptisized.

On the way to the parc

I stopped at the church where we got married

I couldn't remember anything !

40 years ago I must have kneeled here.

As usual the catholic church is only for intellectual people that's why it is written in latin that Pope John Paul had held a mass here on May 20th, 1985 when he visited Belgium and stayed with the monks of this church. It would have been so simple to write it in French.

In this parc we went after school and had our first loves

Later I walked my little son here in his pram and we fed the swans and geese. These are probably the great, great, great, great etc. children from those we fed 35 years ago.

The parc is very big and beautiful

When it snows whole Brussels comes here with their sleighs

This sign says "sleigh street". In summer it is full of people having a picnic.

It was 7°C (44 F) when I was there and already there was spring in the air !


  1. What a wonderful look back for you! And how lovely of you to share it with us. I hope your life continues to be as lovely as it looks in your photos! What fun! Hope you have a great week, Gattina!


  2. That was a great trip down your memory lane. Beautiful shots!

  3. It's so good to go down memory lane sometimes isn't it?

  4. What a great walk down memory lane!

    Superb stained glass window.

  5. Thanks for sharing your memories. It was a great ride my friend. I love it. :)

  6. That was a lovely series of photo's down memory lane for you. It is like here, so many things change .

  7. What a great way to show your past.The park looks lovely and there is a hint of spring. Wont be long.

  8. Lucky you!
    You could still find the house you lived in as a kid. My ancestral house, kindergarten, primary school, secondary school were demolished to make way for new development. :(

  9. Oh that was a great stroll down memory lane! I can't believe that so little had changed in 40 years. Here? It would ALL be different! I can't even go back 20 years to our LAST house without getting lost from the changes in roads!

  10. Fantastic shots of beautiful city.

  11. It's always nice to have a stroll down memories lane, uhu?
    Thank for letting us into your memories....

  12. Oh! Gattina! What a lovely post you wrote here! I could imagine you in every place you show us when you were 20! I remember perfectly the photos of you you showed to us and I know you were a such beautiful girl!!!
    I am impresse to see how the buildings are so nice and clean after 40 years.
    I miss places like I see around a lake. I was used each year when I went by my aunt near the Germany boarder. This time felt me so much!
    Spring is in the air, here south of France when it is snowing in Paris! I think we will have a nice walk this afternoon along the beach!


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