28 Aug 2009


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When my son lived in London I usually came back with a lot of stuff because compared to Belgium many things were much cheaper. We blamed the Euro that all prices went up. But the UK has kept their pounds and the prices had gone up too ! and I would say even more ! Everything I used to buy was the same price more expensive, so it was not worthwhile to fill up my suitcase for nothing.

To comfort myself and bring something with me I bought these cute little keyholders in a Charity shop for cats.

you can take off the coin and use it for your trolley. Only I can't use it because a pound is smaller than a Euro coin.

I also bought these salt and pepper cats.

and to show that I was at the English coast, I found these cute marine cats.

When I came home, I saw this cat hanging at the cupboard. A friend of us had been in Moscow and had brought me a Russian cat ! It really looks very funny.

My electric plate gave up its soul after 15 years of work. I had to buy a new one, which I did, just before leaving for the UK. While I was away Mr. G fed himself with help of the Microwave and restaurants but had the plate installed ! This was a nice surprise for when I came back. It has no buttons anymore just a touchable screen. Great for cleaning !

I didn't participate for a while, but now I am back !


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Wow! Look at all your new treasures! Those little cat marines are so cute. I can just picture the kitty asking for a fish :0)
Thanks for sharing and enjoy your new stove :)

Susan B said...

I love all your cat items...very cute! I hope you enjoy your new stove. Have a lovely weekend!

Gee said...

I love the keyholder with the picture of a cat and of course the salt and peppers cat too. It is because I love cats. Thanks for sharing.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Love the cat trinkets, especially the Russian one. Aaah, a new ceramic hob, you won't know yourself.

Anonymous said...

G I'm going to start calling you the cat woman LOL. Batman would be proud. Love all the trinkets and the stove top looks wonderful. Have a great weekend :) Aloha

Hootin' Anni said...

Gattina!!! You know just how much I love cats, now, don't you? These are so precious. I especially love the one from Russia!!!!

My show n tell is about the symbol of Native Americans today...the kokopelli.

Have a great weekend.

Cindy said...

LOVE the cat items. I can never find any cat figurines here.

Your stove is neat. Just touch it and it starts? Wow.

Love Bears All Things said...

Welcome back!
I guess this means you collect cat things. Love your new stove. The items you show and the story you tell is very interesting.
Mama Bear

Carla said...

Your new page is too cool! Love your new finds, and a new cooktop is wonderful! Enjoy:)

Melli said...

Ohhhhhhh I LOVE your new cook top! That is what my next one will look like too -- if the old one would just EVER die! LOL!

All your new little kitties are sO cute! I especially love the marine ones!

The Old Parsonage said...

What cute cat treasures. We have one - Alley and she's a sweetie!

Please stop by The Old Parsonage anytime, I love Company!


Susan said...

It's amazing how many different cats you find and all cute in their own right.

Nicolanondoc said...

Buon fine settimana, Gattina :-)

Jientje said...

The new stove top looks wonderful. Your Mister G looks like a very sweet man, taking care of himself while you're away. My Mr T is going to have to get used to that too. I will be traveling two months from now!!

Kayren said...

I've always had a soft spot for cat trinkets and treasures, so I love all the ones you shared. Being from the U.S. and not well-traveled, I'm a little confused what you said about the coin and the trolley. Do your coins usually have holes in them so you could just attach them to the chain and then take them off?

I'm new and have started with Show and Tell I think while you've been gone, so welcome back!

claudie said...

The russian one is very funny!

Pamela said...

what a cool stove!!

You always have such fun cat stuff.
I have an occasional hairball. ha haa