7 Feb 2009


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I had to write a letter to an 90 year old lady who was a friend to my parents. She wrote me for Christmas and I was so surprised that she was still alive, all other friends of my parents are dead.

Now it was ages that I haven't written a snail mail. Writing was not a problem but then .... Instead of clicking on "sent" as I do with my emails, I had to put on my coat, my boots and a warm bonnet and then drive to the post office !

I had never been there it had moved and now it is located in a brand new building. 6 counters were open. That's nice I thought it will go very quick, I only had to buy one stamp for Germany. At a closer look I saw that in 3 counters nobody was sitting, in the 4th a lady enjoyed a cup of coffee and faked to be invisible. On the 5th counter was written "Express Service".

I lined up we were about 7 people. Fortunately one lady asked me if I had a ticket. I said "a ticket for what ?" the service was numbered. I pulled out a ticket and had n° 36 (?). Then I stand again in the line.
Fortunately I was in the Express service because "already" 20 min later it was finally my turn. Somebody shouted "n° 36" ! I checked my ticket and yes I had the right number. The man looked at me and asked what I wanted. I said, one stamp for Germany. He took out a folder and slowly turned the pages until he finally handed me over one stamp with our King's head on it. I noticed that now he was wearing glasses ! Really was it such a long time I hadn't bought a stamp ? I asked "how much" and he told me 90 cents ! that's almost 1 € (1.3 $ !) I couldn't believe it ! Last time I had payed maybe 30 cents not more. Sending snail mails has become a luxury and you are not even sure if the letter arrives !

Fortunately I had asked my old friend to give me her phone number because it would be cheaper to talk to her then to write and on the phone you can say much more than in a letter !

Probably in a few years it is cheaper to deliver your letters yourself !

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Puss-in-Boots said...

Hahahaha! Love the stamp machine. Yes, I know what you mean about snail mail. I had to post a letter last week (it was competition I entered and there was no email address only snail mail). Like you, I stood in a queue and like you, I was astonished that the price of a local stamp had gone up to 55 cents. Oh well, that's progress...or lack of it...I suppose. Maybe snail mail is getting dearer because no one is using it so much. Who knows?

Maribeth said...

Oh that is so right! You know when Uschi sends me gifts the postage is 25-35 euro for the package! Crazy!

Melli said...

It's the truth! I worry some because my son-in-law is trying sO hard to get IN to the post office for work, but I really do think they may become obsolete and then he would be out of work... My daughter assures me that would NEVER happen! MOM! It's a GOVERNMENT agency! LOL! Kids!

Anonymous said...

I hate those ticket lines! Strange, but like you it's ages since I've written a proper letter, quite therapeutic really.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gattina!

What a great sharing of your story! I do have experience with snail mail myself as I still have an aunt who has no computer (and never will) and hence I communicate with her through letters.

So on top of the changing prices....I have many stories to share of letters never even getting there, lost photos cards, etc. That's when it is frustrating too. IT does not happen often thank goodness - but still ;)

Anonymous said...

That's because they don't want people to send anything any longer. It's to scare them away....

I've stopped sending postcards to people when I'm away. It's too hard work to find stamps and postoffices without lines.

So, wanna come and see if you recognize a bit of Tenerife...?

Dr.John said...

Snail mail is not cheap . I loved your cartoon.

Vlado&Toni said...

hahahaha --yup indeed in the future, we will be like those guys in star trek, pushing buttons and arriving via ???? tele? oh i forgot what it is called. but you are right, very expensive to send letters nowadays.

Anonymous said...

LOL. The Stamp Machine is great. I think using snail mail is still reasonably common around here. I know I still use it quite a bit.