14 Feb 2009

SMILEY SATURDAY - In love at 70 !

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Today is Valentine's day and time for a love story !

Years ago in 1975 my friend and neighbor Vivi was very much in love with Jack another neighbor two houses farer from ours. Both were married of course and had children. I only realized it because each morning when I opened the window of our bedroom I saw him in his car, driving slowly and blowing a kiss to her standing behind the window in her living room. This went on for at least 4 years where kisses where blown through the air every morning.

Then one day it stopped. The wife had threatened to divorce and moneywise that wasn't possible because it was very very difficult to divorce at that time. Both decided not to see each other anymore, which was not very simple because they lived so close together, just 2 houses on the other side of the street.

In 2007 her husband died and she recovered from a very unhappy marriage. And then one day she got a phone call from her beloved Jack, his wife had died too 2 months later than her husband. She hadn't known. The funniest thing was that both partners were burried in the same cimetary only 3 graves between them.

She was 68 and he 87 when finally they could show their love for each other, which had never stopped. They started to go out together, to travel together and to go shopping together. Both of them remained in their houses, but each afternoon and evening they are together.

They spent a week in a castle in the Ardennes at Christmas and on New Year's Eve he invited her to the best hotel in Waterloo, where they had a phantastic meal with a show and a champagne breakfast next morning.

Now she is 70 and he 89. She has changed, I have never seen her so happy in these 33 years we know each other.


to all of you !


Puss-in-Boots said...

Aww, what a lovely story, Gattina. Just goes to show, Cupid can strike at any age.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

There could be hope for me yet. Thank you for the story.

I shall miss my Amish lady friend, Veronica, today. I had hope our brief romance would have developed into the real thing. Alas!

Anonymous said...

That is a really lovely story for Valentine's Day or any day.


Maribeth said...

I’m off to Berlin. Wish me luck! I’ll be posting daily, but not sure if I will be able to comment much.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely story gattina! You have always so nice and poetic things to tell! Mieux vaut tard que jamais. C'est charmant. Mon pierre n'a pas de chance! il travaille pour la Saint Valentin et en plus il a une panne de moto! Mélissa pleure doucement dans son coin et déteste la Saint Valentin depuis que l'amour de sa vie l'a quitté. La seule qui est aux anges c'est Anaïs, tout là-haut en Finlande avec son rocker au grand coeur qui lui joue de la guitare rien que pour elle!

Anonymous said...

LOVEly story - a true story about true love. I love hearing things like that!

...at the same time it make me sad, that they couldn't have had the other earlier years together too.

Love those happy endings though!

Happy Valentine :-)

Jientje said...

What a BEAUTIFUL Valentine's story Gattina!!
Happy Valentine to you and Mr Gattino too!

Gledwood said...

that's so sweet ;->...

Anonymous said...

Awwww... such a beautiful and romantic story! Happy Valentine's Day to Mr Gattino and you - and to your neighbors ;-)

Hallo, meine Liebe!
Alles Liebe zum Valentinstag!
Ich bin über google reader hergekommen und war überrascht, dass Dein Blog beim Laden quasi "leer" war. Header ist da, Sitebar ist da, aber die Posts fehlen?!
Ich konnte erst Posts lesen als ich auf die Archiv-Seiten zugegriffen habe. Was ist passiert?

Liebe Grüße,

Dr.John said...

:Love can do both wonderful and terrible things to people.

Vlado&Toni said...

aw.. that's really sweet, love conquers all :)

Melli said...

You have the mOSt amazing stories!

Pamela said...

I guess that proves one is never too old for love.