30 Aug 2008


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My bridges are here

Since a year now our city has created a service to help people to learn to use a computer. There are 9 computers available, it doesn't cost anything and there are two teachers, one of them is Mr. Gattino, volentary.

Sometimes he comes home with really funny stories. A young 82 year old man Albert, who is also in my painting group had learned to use Internet and was very proud of it. Of course now he used it all the time to look up things. But he had a problem, he couldn't close the Internet page he had opened and asked Mr. Gattino to have a look and explain to him why it didn't work.

Mr. Gattino looked and had to hold back a laughter, Albert had opened 26 different pages and of course when he closed the first one the second one appeared, etc. etc. They then closed the pages one after the other, Albert was reassured and ready for the next week !

and something to laugh !

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Hootin' Anni said...

There was no comment form on your keyhole blog with your photo hunt. It wouldn't load for me, so I came here.

Your Photo Hunt 'beautiful' photos are super. I especially like the lake in Italy and the passion flower closeup!!

Maribeth said...

That's so dear. But tell me where I can find your Photo Hunt? Maybe I'll go look at the bridges.

Melli said...

ROFL! That is funny! I bet Albert was SO happy for Mr. Gattino's assistance! :)

YOU need to come back over and read my Wordzzle story today -- YOU're gonna get a kick out of it!

TJ said...

Too Funny!!
This world just offers up more for our use then we can keep up with..I am trying- I love new tech and gizmos!
Great entry.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! It's so fun with those kind of moments - and very hard to keep oneself from laughing at the poor ones!

...and the comic strips: I loved the first Flashy one best! *giggles*