26 Aug 2008


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My bridges are here

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Priest to hold nun beauty pageant

Internet users will be able to choose their favourite nun from photographs !
An Italian priest says he is organising the world's first beauty pageant for nuns to erase a stereotype of them as being old and dour.
"This contest will be a way to show there isn't just the beauty we see on television but also a more discreet charm," the priest, who lives near the southern city of Naples, told the Corriere della Sera. I doubt that there will be enough candidates in more or less good shape, therefore I suggest to ask some very religious muslim women to participate too. They wear the same outfit and often have beautiful faces !

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Warner 'sues over Puttar movie'

Warner Bros says it wants to protect intellectual property rights
Harry Potter maker Warner Bros is suing an Indian film company over the title of upcoming film Hari Puttar - A Comedy Of Terrors, according to reports.
Hari Puttar, tells the story of a 10-year-old boy who moves to England with his parents and becomes embroiled in a battle over a secret microchip. Maybe Warner Bros is afraid that the Indian movie is better ?? Anyway I like the name Hari Puttar !

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Cattle shown to align north-south

Cattle partake in some directional grazing

Have you ever noticed that herds of grazing animals all face the same way?
Images from Google Earth have confirmed that cattle tend to align their bodies in a north-south direction. I never noticed that ! Now I have to pay attention to see if it is true even with Belgian cows ! And my cats when they are grazing !

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Prince Charles is a drink driver

PRINCE Charles is helping to save the planet – by running his famous Aston Martin on WHITE WINE. The classic gas-guzzler, a DB6 Volante given to the Prince by the Queen to mark his 21st birthday in 1970, has been overhauled to make it more environmentally-friendly.
It now runs on bioethanol extracted from local vineyards’ surplus plonk – at a cost of €1.30 ($ 2) per litre. This man is an example for everybody ! You just need a little bit of money to convert your old car and that's it ! And always take a little more wine so you can have a drink or two or three at the same time ! It's only bad for those who prefer red wine !


Pamela said...

really runs on that huh? I wonder what the fumes smell like - and if people will sniff them.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Running on white wine, eh? Quite frankly I prefer to drink my wine, not put it in the tank of my car. Still, I guess if I run out of white, I can siphon it out of the car.

I wonder how many Chateau de Cardboards my car will take?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think I will drink my wine, thank you very much! LOL!

Liz Hinds said...

A car that runs on wine? Whatever next? Oh yes, a beauty pageant for nuns. True beauty is on the inside so how will he show that i wonder?

Lazy Daisy said...

I always loved your complied news...I always learn so much. I'll have to start observing the cows around here.

Lanny said...

I think the Italian priest could very easily find many beautiful women in habits. I have seen far more beauties that non in habits (and plain clothes) in my life. Some of the ones that taught in my school were very pretty, one reason I wanted to be one. He may find it hard however to run the pageant with their permission, seems to run against who they are.

Our sheep must be a blend between their shepherd and shepherdess. Shepherd doesn't know north from south to save his life and the shepherdess, even though she is directional, can't get organized. Our sheep don't stand the same direction but have been caught on occassion to stand in a circle rears to the center. Like a daisy. Like their shepherdettes!

Glad my car doesn't run on wine, not sure I'd ever get IT filled up.