25 Jul 2008


More participants are here at Kelly's Show and tell Friday

As you may know, I am actually in the Ardennes (Belgium) in a summer academy attending a photography workshop. Unfortunately there is no internet connection on the campus itself and I have to go in a Cyber Café. There is no USB connection on the computers either so I can't show you any pictures, but at least tell something.

We are around 300 students in different kind of workshops. There are painting and drawing courses, stone and wood sculpturing, muppet creations, ceramic, etc and a lot of music students, such as drums, piano, jazz, rap and others. There are even singing stones ! Some of these workshops I have never seen in my life.

In my group we are 3 women, two boys of 21 and 4 very young girls. Three of them are not really there for photography but more for boy hunting and they giggle the whole day about nothing. My teacher is a lady in her 50 very good and nice. I learned already quite a lot and the results you will see on sunday when I go back home.

Student life is fun, as there are not enough rooms I have tents in front of my window and as the doors don't close with a key from inside, some people had the surprise to get visitors in the middle of the night, because they mixed up the rooms. I put a chair at my door, so nobody can get in without waking me up ! I don't want to have somebody else suddenly in my bed !

We have wonderful weather and a lot of students sing, or do music outside. That's very nice. They also sit on the grass and draw.

In the evening there is always a concert of what the students have realized during the day.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Hmmmm, you sound as if you're enjoying yourself, Gattina, even with the dodgy sleeping arrangements.

Looking forward to seeing what you've learnt when you get home.

quilly said...

Adventure! (Although I prefer mine while I am awake.) ;)

the teach said...

Gattina, my browser wouldn't take me to your Keyhole pix so I'm commenting here. Thanks for visiting me! :)

Liz said...

Sounds great! I love courses and learning stuff.