2 Jun 2008


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When I started blogging and discovered slowly all kind of widgets I could put all over my blog I thought it would be nice to have some music playing. But then I changed quickly my mind !

Bloggers who generously offer us free music on their blogs don't realize that most of the time it can be more annoying than a pleasure.

When I opened a blog early morning while everybody else in the house was still sleeping and suddently loud music started to play, by the time I found the bouton to cut off my loudspeakers I had husband and son on my neck because I had woken them up.

Imagine you are in an office and supposed to work but you just want to read some blogs. As you are behind your screen nobody really sees what you are doing except if suddenly loud music starts playing all over and your boss is wondering why your accounting or tax formulars suddenly are in form of a Pavarotti or techno or house ! It is also annoying when it happens and you are sitting in a Cyber café and suddenly everybody looks angrily at you because you play music on your computer while the whole room is in deadly silence ! That's quite embarrassing ! I know it happend to me. Or imagine you open a blog and your baby sleeps besides you and wakes up and starts screaming for the rest of the day !

The volume of the loudspeakers depend on the reading person and not on the Blogger's, somebody really thought that if she would turn the volume low it would be the same for her readers !


  1. Blogs that blast music whether I want to listen or not have forced me to keep my volume turned very low. OC will be playing or composing music, and all of a sudden my comp blares forth -- or worse, I'll sneak out at 2:00 a.m. and click on a blog and suddenly wake the entire condo complex. (This is Hawaii where no one ever closes their windows.)

    OR I'm at work in my classroom "grading papers" at my desk and the students are working industriously .... So, my volume is kept VERY low.

  2. BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!! Yeah I know, thats why I dont post music to automatically play, I make it so the person presses it and pauses it as they wish.

    Come on over to my blog and check out whats going on, and whats OVER!

  3. I used to have music on my blog too but I realized that though it may be pleasing to me, others may not like it so I decided that it should be over and done.


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