12 Apr 2008


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Today is Mr. Gattino's birthday and I am busy to prepare the party !

This morning I found the the longest Spam I ever got since I am blogging ! To "read" it all you have to scroll down from top to bottom, that gives you an idea about the length !

It started with :
Unfuck Planet Earth::::The gods will do everything in their power to prevent this, maintaining ...

and at the end this
The gods don't admit any of this because people woudl freak, especially as we approached the big day.

Before Google decided : [Message clipped] View entire message ....

I just would like to meet one of these over talented brains and see how a world improver looks like !


Mar said...

What were they trying to sell????

Happy birthday to Mr Gattino!! what do your cats think of parties?? do they hide away or play dj? :)

Leslie said...

Hey - I got that exact same spam message this afternoon! It was REALLY long!

Thanks for coming by to visit my PhotoHunt post on Kaleidoscope. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Gattino! We love cake!

Melli said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. Gattino!!! I know MRS. Gattina made the day wOnderful!!! Along with all the guests... :)

Gattina - I think I have had that spam already! I took away the "anonymous" comments -- but that doesn't really seem to help! Those people are a nuisance - but only a minor one.

jientje said...

Happy Birthday Mr Gattino, and many happy returns of the year!

claudie said...

Happy birthday to Mr Gattino! I think the party was super! I'm really on vacation now! I think to visit a nice place during the week and present it to all cruisers.
I've not receive the spam message still! and of course I'm not jalous!!!! And even hope to not receive it! Les filles sont parties à une soirée déguisée. Mélissa avait des ailes d'ange. Sera t elle un ange during the party?!

Pamela said...

I came for cake!
Happy Birthday Mr. Gattino.

Blogging Butterfly said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Gattino! I got the same stupid, long ,wacko, comment on one of my blogs, and turned it off, like I do everything else that is annoying. Love that DELETE button!! Great paintings! Will visit again soon! Have a Good Day!