13 Apr 2008


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Yesterday was Mr. Gattino's birthday and I had invited some friends for a Cocktail party.

Besides his cats and his wife the only other love in his life is "FERRARI" no football (soccer), no tennis, no other sport on TV but the FORMULA 1.

So it was normal that for his birthday friends and family offered .... Ferrari things.

A bathrobe, a mousepad, a mug, little cars and something very special a piece of Michael Schumacher's Ferrari motor with a certificate of origin !

Eating drinking and laughing Mr. Gattino is happy in his new Ferrari sweater !

The summit of the day was when his friend came with his Ferrari to pick him up for a little tour.

admiring the beast which runs at 360 km/h (224 miles) and costs the price of a nice house !

Here we tried to look "Posh" !


claudie said...

It sounds Mr Gattino had a marvelous birthday! It is a nice passion! ferrari gefällt mir! Ich möchte dieses wagen! Je pense que désormais tu ne le perdras plus de vue habillé ainsi tout en rouge! *giggles*

Pamela said...

you both look "posh" for sure.
vrrooom vrooom vroooom!

Sanni said...

"Buon compleanno a te
buon compleanno a te
buon compleanno a Mr Gattino
buon compleanno a teeeeeeeeeeee" :)

Alles erdenklich Liebe und Gute!
Das Ferrari Photo von Euch ist umwerfend (ebenso die Politur - wie ein Spiegel! WOW!!!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Mr Gattino! He's already got his best present - you!

Deana said...

You do look posh! Happy belated birthday to Mr Gattino!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Men and their cars!! My hubby loves corvettes!! He has owned about 4 of them but no more. We know that we do not need things like this any longer.
Men do love their cars, though!!



Maribeth said...

Yes, you both look very posh, indeed! Happy birthday to Mr. Gattino!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh well....give me an Audi!! Any ol' day.

Looks like he really racked up some great gifts. Happy Birthday Mr. G!!!!


Happy birthday to Mr. Gattino!
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But I'm brazilian!
I love too Ferraris!
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jientje said...

Did I wish him a happy birthday yesterday? Happy birtday once again, and it looks like you all had a great time!

Kostas said...

Happy Birthday to Mr Gattino! Splendid cars marvellous drivers!

Melli said...

Soooooo Mrs. Gattina! Are you telling me that you did NOT get Mr. Gattino a FERRARI for his birthday? WHY NOT??? Surely he deserves it... No?

Melli said...

Oh ... by the way... YES! You do look quite POSH! MR. Gattino looks even MORE posh sitting IN the car though!

Mar said...

It seems Mr Gattino had a great birthday celebration! Loved seeing the two of you looking very posh :)

Junebug said...

And you do pull off the"posh" too.