15 Apr 2008



Man leaves £180k violin on train

The violin was made by Matteo Goffriller in Venice in 1698
A £10,000 reward is being offered for the return of a valuable 17th Century violin which was left on a train. This guy is worse than me ! I only leave my ombrellas in the train

Sergent Peeper
A PERVERT sergeant major was jailed for a year yesterday for secretly filming girls undressing at an Army training camp.
Peeping tom Richard Brown, 42, videoed teenagers through gaps in dormitory curtains then watched the recordings at home. I always thought that life in the army is dangerous !

Wife's 6000 € loan for hubby "hit"
A WIFE was facing jail last night after she took out a loan for home improvements – and tried to use it to get her husband BUMPED OFF.
Callous Zoe Kenealy, 44, borrowed € 6000 hoping to hire a hitman. Only 6000 ? I thought I had to spend more !

Man ate ballot paper
Disgusted by the instability of the Italian politics a man in Sorrento has eaten his ballot paper. Before he swallowed it he declared all Italian politicians as "shit". He is accused now of distruction of election material. I only hope he didn't have an indigestion

Russian officers too fat for new uniforms
New uniforms created by a stylist from Moscow doesn't fit on 30 % of the officers because they are too big. They also were not fit enough to do a physical exercise including 100 m swimming and running 1km in 4 min. That means they are not a danger anymore ! Good to know !


Mar said...

Poor violinist!He must feel terrible having lost that valuable violin... Mr Mar had to come back home on his way to the airport yesterday because he had forgotten his passport... Of course it was my fault, how could I ever forget to remind him of that?? Therefore it wouldn't surprise me that the violinist's wife is the one being accused of forgetting to tie the violin to the player's wrist or something similar... and she is the one now in fail because of hiring a hitman, lol!

Maribeth said...

Makes me think of the movie "The Red Violin" did you see it? Excellent movie!
I forget things all the time. One thing recently is an antique globe that my sister is taking to "Antiques Roadshow". Now I must drive another 4 hours to her house to bring it!

Melli said...

How SCARY for the Russians... and I'm surprised the U.S. does not have the SAME problem!

Can you IMAGINE the nightmare that violinist is having? Holy COW! This is probably why it is best I drive and do NOT take a bus!!! (not that I would EVER have ANYTHING worth that much to leave anywhere!)

Mo said...

Only 6000 for a hit?
That is quite reasonable.

Not that I have shopped around or anything...

eastcoastlife said...

Love your sunny blog template! yeah, I'm not stupid, I'm lazy to learn html. hahaha....

Liz said...

Great compilation as always! I love the dog and cat photos in the next post too. The look on that baby's face is priceless!

Pamela said...

I have anxiety when I leave my expensive sun glasses somewhere.. I can't imagine how awful one would feel leaving a priceless violin. OH MY!