18 Apr 2008


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These beautiful tulips I got from our son and his girlfriend when they came from Amsterdam to visit us. As you may know Holland is the country of tulips !

My cleaning lady had been in Poland in her family during Easter holidays and when she came back she brought me these cute little cat group !

Mr. Gattino had his birthday and got a real special gift :

a piece of Michael Schumacher's Ferrari he had used during the Formula 1 in 2000 with a certificate of origin. I didn't even know that Ferrari is selling souvenirs !


Charlotte said...

Hi. I came over here - all the way to Belgium via Kelli's Show & Tell. Beautiful flowers and I love the little cats figures. I visited Brugge in 1999. We were on a tour so didn't get to stay very long. Would love to go back. It's beautiful.

Kathy said...

What spectacular tulips!
Kathy@ Mimi's Garden

Pam said...

What a cheerful happy blog you seem to have here. I came over for the Show and Tell. I adore tulips and your little kitty curled up by them is precious!

A piece of a Ferrari? WOW!I can't wait to tell my 10 year old son about this tomorrow. He is now at the age where he loves cars and talks about them continuously. He'll love seeing the photo here.

Simply Heart And Home said...

Your tulips are simply lovely. They are such a delicate flower. Your kitties look so playful. Very sweet!

Thank you for sharing all your treasures!


Carrie said...

What lovely tulips .. agreat gift.
My tulips are just bearly sending their shoots above ground. I can hardly wait for the blooms.

Carrie said...

What lovely tulips .. agreat gift.
My tulips are just bearly sending their shoots above ground. I can hardly wait for the blooms.

Mar said...

Those tulips are gorgeous!! I should go out and get some :)

How many cats does your collection have?? now you got a sweet addition from Poland.

I bet Mr Gattino is very happy with his birthday presents, Ferrari selling souvenirs is new to me too !

Connie Marie said...

The tulips are gorgeous. Interesting gift that your husband recieved.

I really enjoyed looking at your tulips.

Char said...

Lovely tulips. Cute cats. Interesting gift. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

Constance said...

Good Morning (over here at least) from Texas! Thanks You SO much for stopping by. I never thought about the anorexia angle on the book, you're right! Although if my really bad German serves me correct, wasn't it 5 days that Kaspar didn't eat his soup? I could diet for 5 days and have a LOT of chubby still there! Ha ha!

I LOVE the tulips! They are almost done blooming here and they are such a "Welcome Spring" kind of a flower! Thaey are like daisies in that, I can't help but smile when I see them!

Bovey Belle said...

Pretty flowers and sweet china pussums. What an original birthday gift that was for your OH!

Hootin' Anni said...

I love your photos of the kitties Gattina...and the sunlight and the tulips......very pretty.

My show n tell is shared....come on over.

The Apron Queen said...

Beautiful tulips. I always love visiting you.

My show & tell is up... vintage bling bling! Do stop by. I love the company.

For your daily dose of vintage goodness & a bit of silliness, stop by Confessions of an Apron Queen, the home of Vintage Thingies Thursdays.

cookie said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Gattino! What a fun show and tell. Your tulips look very happy.
It's nice to visit with you today.
Happy Weekend.

Barbara H. said...

The tulips are beautiful. The cats are so cute -- hoe thoughtful of your cleaning lady to get them for you! I didn't know Ferrari sold souvenirs either.