6 Apr 2008


Yesterday I met a friend I hadn't seen for a while. She looked quite radiant and much better than the last time I had seen her. As we were in the middle of the street, we decided to go inside a café. And there she told me that she had met her real first love again a married man she had known when she was 24. He had decided to stay with his wife and she had married another man. Now he was a widow and she was a widow and what happened ? He apparently had thought of her during all these past years and had taken information on her. When he knew that she also was widow he called her they met and they fell in love again. In between she is 64 and he is 74 !

I thought, that's strange it is already the third story I hear. First my neighbor who after 30 years found her old love again because he is a widow and she is a widow and now they are together again at 69 and 88 ! Another friend had divorced 25 years ago from a man who had cheated on her and had married the other woman. Now he was a widow and suddenly showed up during an exposition of my friend's paintings. And what happened ? After 25 years they hadn't seen each other, they are back together. She hadn't married after her divorce. They were both very young when they had married and now at 65 and 70 they found a new relationship much to the joy of their two children. But they decided not to move in together and keep their own houses.

Life is strange but one thing is sure apparently : Old love does not rust


Pamela said...

My sister, a widow, is reunited with her high school sweetheart, who is divorced. He is so wonderful to her.

Maribeth said...

This is very sweet. But Hubby's young love came by here last summer and she wanted him back! She did not care that he was still happily married! Would she be happy if I was dead? Yes, which is why I am careful and maybe should hire a body guard!

Irishcoda said...

I have heard similar stories several times myself, Gattina. I think it's true, love doesn't die, it just hibernates a while sometimes.