16 Mar 2008


I first read about "Google Reader" on Mrs. Lifecruiser's blog. She wrote that it is a very useful tool to follow up your friends new posts, and recommended it to all of her readers. I didn't really pay attention and thought I am happy with my friend's list in my favourites which I used every day to check if some of my blog friends had published a new post. But then one day by curiosity I wanted to know more about it and see if it is really such a practical thing.

I googled "Google Reader" and read the explanations. It really looked very interesting. It would allow me to know immediately who had written a new post and not loosing my time by checking my whole "favourite" list and open one blog after the other.

I decided to sign in. It wouldn't cost me anything and there was no obligation to use it or not.

When I had signed in I got my "Home" page

Now I only had to put in the links of all my blogfriends I wanted to follow up, what I did here :

and then I suddenly got the list of posts with titles, date and hour when it had been published ! Great ! And when I had opened them they were marked in blue !

I just had to click on the Blog name and I got the whole post on my page. If I wanted to comment I only had to open the blog and proceed as usual.

Now I wonder how I did before. I don't loose time anymore by checking blog by blog. I just look at my list and see what has happened while I wasn't there. It really is a very useful tool ! Some of my friends have it already, I know it because when I have published a post, sometimes a few minutes later I already get the first comment.

Only three of my friends have no "feed" I don't know why, they don't appear in my list.


  1. I signed up for Google Reader some time back. I haven't been using it often but I will. I agree it is very useful.

  2. Yes, it's GREAT isn't it? I've been using it for a long time -- I think Barbara from Trying To Catch Up had introduced me to it! The ONLY snag I've found with it is that a FEW of my people for SOME reason can not be linked in it... and so I completely forget to VISIT them most of the time! Because I just NEVER use the list on my side bar anymore --- I just always use my google reader!

  3. Hi Gattina...ya, you've told me several times the definition of Depp. No matter, I STILL like him!! :::smiles:::

  4. I always read your blog on Google Reader. :)

  5. I use google reader all of the time. You will like it for sure. Sorry that I have not been around like usual...Maybe now things will slow down some. We had our granddaughter here to visit. We took her to the airport this morning. Maybe normal will return..whatever is normal? Sandy

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  7. Gattina, that reader sounds great! I'm looking into it! I've tagged you for a "Make a Wish" meme. Come take a look. You know you don't have to do it if you don't want to.

  8. Yes, google reader rocks!

    Sind die drei Freunde, die Du erwähnt hast auch bei blogger? Frag Sie doch mal, ob sie ihren blog-feed aktivieren... ist ganz einfach. Wenn sie nicht bei blogger sind, dann können sie z.B. über feedburner.com ein blog-feed aktivieren.


  9. You've explained that very well. I think I will have to give it a try.


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