25 Nov 2007


After 32 years of loyal services our kitchen heater gave up its soul. I had to buy a new one which I did. I asked Mr. Gattino to please install the thing. Now since he is retired he is also tired when it comes to repair something. For years he had been an "Icandoeverything" man but now he pretends he can't. Knowing that, I ignored the mumbling and grumbling while he went to the basement to pick up the tools he needed.

I quickly also retired but in another meaning. I escaped into my room and read what Bloggers wrote. Years of experience have told me that he is unable to do anything without being from noisy to loud (don't forget he is Italian and quite once don't exist, at least I have never met one).

In the first years of our marriage I was a good wife because I listened, comforted and admired him and above all I stayed with him. But after years of this show, I don't do it anymore, it's like watching Dallas for 38 years. He works like a thunderstorm. You never know when the next thunder is falling. So while I was busy with my computer I heard from time to time @#"§% in italian of course. I was not startled or would jump in the air, I don't even hear it anymore.

Cat Arthur sitting on the kitchen table tried to help him morally, he too doesn't care about these explosions either.

The house was peaceful and quite interrupted from time to time by &@à#% words. But then it started, I knew it would happen. He calls me to have my advice. I don't have any advice I only want the heater at the wall. But he insists "Biiioooondaaa" ! (He calls me Bionda, because I am blond) so finally I get up to see what I have to admire. (Marriage concessions, you know) I don't see anything but the heater still sitting on the floor. Nevertheless I admire his work without knowing what I admire. Then I return to my room. After a little pause, he calls again. This time I have to help him and look if the holes for the screws are on the right level. I look and say yes. Of course he had mesured everything before, for that he is very nit-picking. I returned to my room. Minutes later again, Biiiooondaa !! I sighed and went to the kitchen. The heater was on the wall ! I admired again this wonderful work and returned to my room. But not for long, he needed me to see if the heater worked. Years before I would have treated him with some special words because there is a little red light so you can see if it works or not. I admired the light.

The whole event took one and a half hour.

Later on I heard him telling on the phone to whoever wanted to hear it what a wonderful work he had accomplished this day.

And this is the result !

Cat Rosie immediately decorated the food bowls with her mice toys which she had put in and around the bowls.


(Note for the Cruisers, that is the reason I couldn't put up my post concerning the wonderful historical places I visited in Egypt)


A. said...

That is such a funny story! Especially as I too have been married a long time, and I know all about the admiration required :) I generally have to listen to a complete running commentary, and one or two temper tantrums too.

Interesting too that Rosie puts her toys in and around her food bowls. Our cat does the same, especially in the water bowl, and worse, down the toilet!

Anonymous said...

*giggles* So that's the reason for the cyber cruise put on hold. Well, I guess we must allow you to have some heat in your home too, not only from the Egypt memories!

And the longer we have to wait, the more curious we get of the rest of your Egypt trip...

I would have needed it now though, because we have the worst weather. It's not even getting light today, its that dark. and rainy. I wanna run away, more than ever!

I've make a promise to myself today: next winter I refuse to be in Sweden. I'm going to be some where else (at least most part of it), whatever it will cost me!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Gattina. Thanks for visiting earlier.

What an amusing story. I could almost imagine the situation taking place.

I guess Arthur is a curious one and wants to be near where the action is taking place. Interesting how Rosie puts her mice bowls in her eating area. She's probably giving you some hints. Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

J'en connais un autre ici qui s'agite aussi quand il faut faire ce genre de trucs à la maison! Ha! Les hommes! En tout cas j'attends ton billet sur l'Egypte!