21 Oct 2007


If you want to decorate your blog for Halloween, I have free Headers for you here. I amused myself !

Yesterday was the Vernissage of our Exposition in Waterloo. That always sounds very good to a painter even if he is only a lesure painter.

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Before the crowd arrived the room finally ready, looked like this. I couldn't chase the photographer, because he was the official one from the Waterloo local Newspaper ! He must have had the same ideas as me because later too he always was in my way !

Of course as a souvenir I had to take a picture of my hanging paintings.

The men for once worked, Champagne opening is a strictly male business. The present females had to prepare the cookies and little appetizers.

Then arrived the VIPs. The man hidden behind me is the major. I asked somebody to take a picture of the politicians and other VIPs with me but he got it wrong and took a picture of me with them. And with his economical thinking he only took one picture not to use up the film. Digital camera what's that ?

Our teacher talking to some people

We even had very intellectual dogs who as you can see were very impressed by all the paintings.

Our oldest member 84 years old received her daughter, granddaughter and her great grandchildren, who are not on the picture because they were running and playing around. 4 generations, that's something. The family was very proud of her.

Somebody brought a jardiniere and had put it empty on a table. Although it was a very expensive one in christal Saint Lambert, it had to be decorated. Fortunately I found in the garden these mushrooms and a few green branches and made this flower arrangement. Sometimes with very few things you can do something nice.

The whole day people arrived, we had to explain, chatted a lot, laughed a lot and when I finally got home at 5 pm I was half dead ! My feet burnt, my back ached and my head throbbed from all the laughter and chatting noise.

And today it continues !


Shosh said...

This sounds like a lovely event!

You look fabulous...are the whole wall of your painting?

I like your headers, thank you for sharing them.

MaR said...

Congratulations!! on a job well done, even the mushroom composition is very artistic although an improvisation!
I can open a bottle of champagne all by myself, lol.
Will you be doing that much talking today too?? you need some candy drops just to soothe your throat!
Enjoy the exhibition, let the newspapers take many pictures of you and your paintings.

Vlado&Toni said...

wow Gattina :) that sounds really professional. You're very creative especially with the vase and your paintings are really wonderful so they deserve this! Goodluck on the exhibition!

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh Gattina....this sounds like a truly wonderful day for you. Even tho tired by 5 pm...I bet it was a GOOD tired [if there IS such a thing]

We spent our whole Saturday at a Jazz Festival.

To me, I would have been much more delighted with being near you and art!!!!

Maribeth said...

What a wonderful event! You must be proud (and tired from the long days!).

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

HOW FUN!! I bet you enjoyed the day even though I know you (like me) get tired really quick!! If you got a headache from all the noise and chattering just think how you would have done here with laughter at our blogging babes week!! wow!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Merle said...

Hi Gattina ~~ Looks like a wonderful exhibition and you have done well.
Thank you for sharing that with us.
Thanks for wishing Olive a Happy 108
She is amazing isn't she? Thanks for your comment, We are only in Spring but our temperature today was 37C
which is about 100F, I think.
Take care, I am glad your exhibition was such a success. Love, Merle.

Anonymous said...

Tu es vraiment très chic sur la photo, Gattina! Une très belle journée encore pour toi! Moi, je me suis reposée. Demain c'est la dernière semaine avant les vacances. J'ai de la chance! Un papa vient dans ma classe. Il est restaurateur et s'est proposé pour faire un gratin de patates douces avec les enfants! Si c'est bon je te donnerai la recette!

Stine said...

Great job - sounds exhausting too!
I didn't manage to center, but somehow resized it. Hope you don't mind - I think it looks fab...

Melli said...

I still say... EXCITING! I know all the politicians are disappointed to not have a picture with you! I think you should give to each of them one of your amazing paintings! Yes! As a gift!!!