11 Jun 2007


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Pookie too is always friendly

For this Monday the words "Friends, Friendship and friendly were chosen. Now these have 3 completely different meanings, you can have a lot of friends, but only a few real friendships and friendly you can even be with your worst enemy at least from outside. Friendly is being polite or kind, because even the cashier in a shop has to be friendly that's his job.

While I was with my so said group travelling through Turkey I have always been very friendly although inside I found them ridiculous and I would have rather prefered not being friendly at all. But that's a question of education. So when Stiff stick (see previous post) vomited on his buddahlike wife's blouse in the middle of a place in a little turkish town, I didn't laugh out loud as I really wished to do, but offered friendly my help. She was of course very dirty and taking her blouse off in front of all these turkish men who are used to see women covered from head to feet (especially in villages) was almost impossible. And then I wanted to spare them the delightful view of an oversized bosom and a wobbling big belly. Fortunately one of my flemish companions had a big scarf with her so we stuck her against a wall and hold the scarf while she took off her blouse and put on a cardigan which she had in her bag despite the fact that every day we had around 30° (80F). But this time it was her luck. Friendly turkish people gathered around and also offered help and an old woman took her in her house so that she could clean up a little. Stiff Stick sat on a bank in the shade white like a bedsheet and also tried to clean himself. The whole event was observed by the locals who offered tissus and water for Stiff Stick, that really was very friendly. But Stiff Stick didn't take the water, his flemish brain stopped him from that, he was convinced that the water was dirty or poisened as it didn't come from his home village.

Poor Smiley stood there helpless in his suit and tie and grinned over the whole event until somebody from the group lead him away to join Stiff Stick on his bank.

There are sometimes situations in your life were you have to be friendly even inside yourself you all wish them to hell.

To give you an idea where this happened, this is the house where the old woman took her

and the place of the event


Anonymous said...

wow, what a great experience to share about during your trip to Turkey!! I am excited to hear more about your trip. have a wonderful Monday, Gattina.

MaR said...

It seems you had quite a vacation, lol! and the people from the village were very friendly! although they might not have been educated in an academic sense. People with a heart are always friendly.
Love the nicknames of the travellers!

Shaz said...

Sounds like those villagers had friendliness off to a t. x x x x

Callie Ann said...

OH Gattina,
You almost always put a smile on my face. That story was just to funny. Stiff stick I will have to find this story. You post was perfect in explain the different meanings of the familiar words. Great Manic Monday Smiles to you Gattina.

Anonymous said...

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

nice friendship post!

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Beautiful photos, Gattina, and a great story. It sure is good that those Turkish people were so friendly and helpful. Sad that Stiff Stick is so insecure and unhappy in his own self, as he must be by the sound of your post.

Happy Manic Monday. I must sleep, but will come back and read more about your Turkey trip.

Amazing Gracie said...

You have whetted my interest and I will have to come back, too, and read more about Turkey and "Stiff Stick!"

Melli said...

You know Gattina... OTHER people just come back from vacation with nice, sweet, pleasant, NORMAL tales of their adventures.... ROFL! (i would not expect anything NORMAL from you though!)

Durward Discussion said...


That is a great story. You out did yourself with this one and I'll look forward to more.

Jeanette said...

Hi Gattina,Great story and photo's Its nice to hear the people in Turkey were friendly and helpful.

Sandee said...

Nice contrast here. Very enjoyable story too. Have a great MM Gattina. :)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting story about people we could think they are educated but in reality they aren't! Why? That is the question? Perhaps a modern life to conformist? But people in turkey seem really friendly with a big heart!
Sarko fait le plein des députés UMP dès le premier tour! C'est maintenant le roi Sarko, au pouvoir absolu!!!

Unknown said...

Gattina, so nice to meet you! I will definitely be back to catch up on more of your posts! And I was recently in Belgium...well, just at the airport. But I do want to come back to visit!