Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Since I discovered the Internet café I had to change my blogging hours ! Now my day starts with breakfast, laying on the beach, swimming, Yoga on the grass, lunch, swimming, reading, then I return to my room to take a shower and prepare pictures and text for the post of the day, before I go down to my Internet café.

which is on the way to the restaurant.

Yesterday evening we attended a show again, this time it was belly dancing and a whirling Dervish. As we have seen this so often Dominique and I didn't find them very good, they danced too mechanical. But we had fun with the animation team, who tried to do their best to entertain the guests !

The start was very good, she danced around swinging a golden cloth

Then she throw the cloth in a corner and started belly dancing

Then we watched the Dervish whirling around !

Today the weather was cloudy for once when I got up at 6.30 am (!) everything looked grey, but warm, already 25 °C. So we started our day as usual.

As usual mostly Germans put something on the beach beds very early before you get the beach towels at 8 am, some of them even keep the old towels to be sure to get the best places. For that sometimes they are already on the beach at 6 am or even before and then they return in their beds ! Some Easter country people do that too, and we the others have difficulties to find a nice place ! It's useless to complain or explain. They only get angry.

The sea was quiet rough, but the painter continued to paint the rocks in a nice yellow ocher it was difficult to keep the balance on the dancing boat !

The ships were dancing around too !

The decoration in the in the reception hall had been changed and new flowers were in the vases !
Everywhere the flower decoration if very beautiful ! Real artists !

We had a funny "adventure" with an elderly lady who suddenly stood in Nicole's bathroom when she was naked as Good had created her  ! but that's a story for tomorrow !

Tonight we intend to go to Hurghada city center and do some shopping.


  1. Oh looks like a cloudy day but some of the dancing outfits are beautiful.
    It's good you can organize your photos and story earlier for the cafe.

    The flowers are very pretty too.

  2. You seem to have your day of hard work organised well. I don't think I would like having to fight for a sunbed but then us Aussies don't have sunbeds on the beach we just throw a towel down and lie on that.I'm glad you can still keep blogging.

  3. I thought the sunbed fight was only in Mallorca!!
    I like cloudy days as a break in hot days, keep enjoying your holiday.
    I guess I am still waiting for a broken bed, lol

  4. You need more Australians over there to take care of the sunbed fight. If there is a towel on the chair and no one around we would throw it on the sand. Clothes left behind would be taken to lost property. I traveled by ship to the U.K in the 70's almost 6 weeks each way and Germans had that reputation then.
    I would love to see a whirling dervish, they are so clever.


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