Tuesday, 13 November 2012

OUR WORLD - November in Waterloo

Before you start to read this post, please take an umbrella or put on a raincoat ! My part of our world is rather wet ! Or it's humid and grey or it's raining and grey. The temperatures are not normal for the season, one day we have over 10°C (50 F) and the other 3°C (37F) it's a real rollercoaster.

You have to drive mostly with you headlights.

Daylight saving or not, there is no light to save !

The streets are full of dirty leaves and you have to pay attention not to slip

Even when it's a little lighter, there is always like a light mist in the air. And of course mountains of dead leaves in the gardens.

For the first time since we live here which means 37 years, we have strange plants in our garden. When I looked out of the window I saw these two big brown spots and first thought it was leaves. But from near it turned out there were big mashrooms, which I had never seen in my life. They rather look disgusting.

and even more on the rest of  the trunk of our weeping willow, a mushroom which rather looks like an enormous ulcer. It is so loathsome that I couldn't scratch it off  I hope it goes away from alone !

I wonder what other surprises are to expect this year ! 


  1. Wow, that IS dark and gloomy weather! The funeral home (is that what it is? bottom left of your second collage) shows up well and looks very inviting ! LOL ! No, those mushrooms don't go away on their own, not in a hurry anyway. Can you hire someone to come and scoop it up with a spade and take it away, Eewgh! It's very dangerous if the cats try to eat it. Hope you have a better day today. Hugs Jo

  2. Oh wow, those mushrooms look very interesting to me. I am amazed at how they have come up in your garden like that. I guess they like very wet weather. Your photos are nice even if it raining. It looks rather atmospheric. Enjoy the rain as best your can.

  3. Yes Gattina I have arrived back to dull, dreary days and drizzle. Not rain like the monsoons but a constant drizzle where you end up wet and cold. Your photos just summed it all up.

  4. I liked the one where it's dry but misty though.

    That last mushroom is massive! They must find enough nutrition then!

  5. It is the time of year for dreary and dark days. I guess all the wet weather helps the mushrooms to grow? They are rather big. I wish you some sunny weather to brighten your days.

  6. Give me snow and frost any day!

  7. Hi Gattina .. looks like your weather is worse than ours right now ...

    That fungi is very poisonous .. stomach unsettling so .. we have them here - can't remember what they're called ... when I find their name I'll try and remember to let you know ..

    chop it off to kill it .. cheers Hilary

  8. Well, the grey skies do look rather nice from my point of view. But those mushrooms do seem to be rather disgusting. I doubt they will die in all the rain - they enjoy it. Just chop them off with something.

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  10. Good pictures of some very wet days!

  11. Your world looks remarkably like mine this week!! WET!!! Great captures though -- I can almost feel the raindrops from here! Have a great week, Gattina! Stay dry!

  12. Oh these are the worst kind of days that really dampen the spirit as well as the bones. lol
    What can you do Grin and bear it. lol

  13. I already had my raincoat and umbrella Gattina -- weather is the same here in the US Pacific Northwest!

    Even if the weather is gloomy, your pictures are lovely. Thanks for sharing...keep your feet dry ;>)

  14. Luckely you will fly to Egypt and forget this weather! Those mushrooms seems to like the place!!! Here we have nice weather and this week we ate outside in the garden of the scool with my friends at work! Tomorrow we should do it still and the chldren run outside without coat!
    I enjoy that cause i have some problems with my knees and I am seriously nervous with my daughter who arrives in december! Pierre and me we are used to be alone now! Quel changement cela va faire même si je me réjouis de son retour!


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