12 Nov 2012


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On Saturday it was again cold and rainy, and what else could I do as some tongue exercises  !

I started Saturday morning with Toby on Skype. He was in excellent mood and laughed and pointed on the screen, when I showed him a struggling Rosie who didn' tappreciate at all to be lifted up and look on a screen !

Nicole was without car, and was stuck home, so I just put my coat over my sweat suit and drove over to her. She lives in a beautiful appartment, which from outside looks like a attached house.

Dog Charly expected me already and brought me his ball. The entrance is on the first floor and then you have steps leading to the second floor. These are pictures of her living room combined with dining room and behind the kitchen. Her daughter and a friend came later so the time flew buy and I quickly hurried home to prepare supper ! Mr. G. is a very patient man, but he doesn't like an empty stomac.

After supper there was an evening reception in the C & A store where we got a drink and some little toasts, of course I had no appetite anymore, but it was nice to walk around and look at the clothes, and they offered 15%.

I only bought a warm berret for me and a little pajama for Toby.

As it was quiet early, we decided to go to "La Pomme" (The Apple) a kind of Pub, where we had a drink before we went home.

Sunday morning the sun was shining, Rosie could even take a sunbath. I went to the Midi market to meet my cigarette supplier, bought some fruits and a cardigan for me, before I took the bus home while the clouds covered the sky and it started raining again.

The afternoon Nicole and I went to Ilona's where in front of a nice fire in the oven, we had a cup of tea and continued tongue gymnastic chatting. Mr. G. wondered if we still had subjects to discuss and we had !

After supper Mr. G. and I watched an Inspector Barnaby in Midsomer,  who solved as usual several murders with elegance.


Jo said...

Sorry about your gloomy weather but I'm pleased for you that you have Toby to cheer you up. I love that his dad is right there with him on the screen. I love Nicole's house : Wow! And of course, Charly knows an animal lover when he sees you so he brings his ball to be show he accepts you! You certainly have a vibrant life in those stores and the pubs - colors look so warm and all the lighting make it look cosy. I wondered why Dominique didn't watch Midsommer night's murders with you. I thought she normally did? Hope your weather is a bit warmer today. When do you go to Egypt? (((hugs))) Jo

Mar said...

You had a fun busy weekend! we were with friends Saturday evening and had a long walk on Sunday. The house is very quiet without young people around! happy week ahead.

Maribeth said...

Nicole's house is very nice and shopping looks like fun! You were very busy! So was I!

jennyfreckles said...

I did some shopping too - sounds like I spent a lot more than you! (But most of it was for other people) ;)

Loree said...

Nicole's house looks very cozy. I am sure you really enjoy chatting with Toby on Skype. My son loves to talk to his Nann in America on Skype and tells her all about his trucks and planes :)

Lynette said...

Love the beret!