24 May 2024


The week started with mixed but warm weather and our animator decided to plant flowers in the pots.  

I personally don't like gardening, I only love beautiful gardens when they are done. Therefore I made the photos. Some of the residents really woke up and bloomed happily and stuck their hands up to their arms in the fresh earth. The result was also very nice and later, when we were all sitting around the table with coffee and cookies, they talked about their gardens at home. It was a wonderful afternoon that we spent in the sunshine.

Of course the next day it started to rain again, I had to go out to buy litter for cat Rosie and the cream for my face (what a combination) and also bought some Kiwis and apples. There was not a lot of choice of fruits, the steady rain even in the sunshine countries and the South of France were the culprit ! On top very expensive ! As the rain was very heavy in some areas of Belgium, there were again whole villages under water ! And it rained the whole day !

It didn't stop the next day and it was rather cool, I did my walk but not half an hour the air was to humid, but at least a bit every day ! We gathered in our Restaurant and chatted until the son of our little Italian mamma resident came to visit her and entertained us with stories out of his mother's life, she had raised 5 children and was 3 years old when her father followed the other Italians to Belgium to work in the coal mines. She didn't remember, because slowly her brain lets her down.

The guy was very funny typical Italian and while he talked he mimed his stories. I was used to talking Italians narrating a story, but the others not and were thrilled and laughed their heads off.

On Thursday it still rained and we were almost all there for the animation afternoon.

Each of us got a balloon to blow up for me and some others we made mini balloons and Kim had to blow them up.  Then we made gymnastic with the balloons with hand and feet and the balloons were so slippery that they went in all direction and we had to "run" to pick them up again. At the end we shot with hands and feet and worse then a primary school. Laughing is also a sport !

On Friday morning I woke up because of a terrible noise, I jumped out of my bed and saw a huge crane with a "stalker" standing on the platform and writing something. I thought it would be "fun" if they started repairing the roof now! But a little later that was all I saw through my window.


In the afternoon we played again another game which nobody of the residents knew it was called "toss cans" in English but "Massacre" in French. The title was scary but the game finally fun. 

We had to toss a mountain of I don't know how many red cans, we could do it three times and had to knock them over. Many people didn't have enough strength, I had strength but didn't hit no can because I always threw over the cans ! Afterwards we had our coffee as usual. 

Our Room cleaner Albert participated too, and poor Kim had to pick up all the cans ! Even a little dog was watching !

And another week was over, and no hope for better weather !

more participants at Susanne at Living to tell the Story.


  1. Well, I hope you get some relief from the rain soon. At least you are not in a desert.
    The games you play always sound like so much fun. And the family visitors are a joy too.
    Enjoy the weekend and I hope you have sunshine!

  2. Those games sound like fun and laughter is the best remedy if all. After a very wet week the sun is shining brightly at last.

  3. There's plenty to entertain and interest you and finally you have had some sun, even if it was only for one day!

  4. I'm not a gardener, either, but friends who are speak of liking their hands in the dirt. People must miss that when they don't have their own homes any more. I'm glad those who liked to plant got a chance to.

    I hope the rains stop soon.

    The games sound fun!

  5. how fun that some of the residents in your nursing home could get their hands in the dirt and plant some flowers. I don't do a lot of planting. I have deck containers of flowers and am growing basil in one. I also have peonies, tulips, 2 rose bushes, and 2 groupings of irises but they need little care...you just plop the bulbs in the dirt and from then on every spring to late spring/summer they bloom!

    Thanks for you kind comments about my in-laws. they are NOT in a nursing home. Yet. Which is why it's so hard on huband and his siblings. I went out for a few days to help and wow...thanking God for good nursing care they get 3 times a day.


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