2 Mar 2024


On Monday we celebrated all birthdays of the residents born in February, at the end of the month and this time it was a male singer who sang all French songs from the 60th. Often translated from English into French, we remembered our youth, although I knew more English songs then French as I still went into the German school, and there were no French songs. I learned them later. We had a nice afternoon with coffee and a birthday cake.

This lady is 96 years old and loves to dance. She never misses an opportunity ! It seems to me that she dances better then she walks ! For that she needs a rollator !

Each Tuesday I go out and this time I was lucky it didn't rain. I bought my grapes and mandarins, and then I returned home and was horrified to find that the internet didn't work at all. And since we all depend on the same source, only the management had special access ! Of course I complained, but unfortunately no one could help me because there was work being done on the street to improve the internet. Then I realized that I couldn't live without the internet! I couldn't read, the books are on my tablet, I couldn't pay bills and really only scrabble and make phone calls. My mobile is already pretty old and I'll probably have to buy a new one !

When I came back we started a game with the funny name Tic Tac boum ! Very interesting. One fished a card and there were 3 letters written and we had find words starting with the 3 letters ! I was amazed by the result because actually we were all very good. I had to rake my brain which is certainly a good exercise. Again coffee and cake

I wonder that I haven't put on weight, with all I get to eat here, it's the contrary, I lost 2 kgs ! Once a month we are all weighed. Two people brought a chair into my room, so I had to sit in it and was weighed. I had never experienced anything like that! When I saw the chair I was very suspicious, I didn't know what they wanted to do with me and I was already putting out my spines ! Then I had to laugh ! How posh is that to sit in a chair and then you get your weight result ?

Next day to publish my post I went to my friend Laura and there I could connect to Internet and just publish my post. Then she showed me pictures from India from her husband's family, he passed away last May. We found each other again, certainly also because we both are in the same situation, sad widows ! Her husband and Rick had become friends even before our marriage, because I worked with her husband and he came often and one day he came to present his future wife ! 

We had painted masks a couple of weeks and on Wednesday Amandine made photos of all us with our masks ! That was really fun !

my 100 years old friend on the left and the dancing 96 old ! Their age doesn't bother them 

I twice tried to walk a bit in our park, but I had to return, the wind was strong it was wet and very humid ! 

So the days fly by, and I am now in a certain routine. Mornings blogging etc, afternoons at 3 pm activities and twice a day out, when there is mass or gymnastic !

For the moment it's a nice life as it is so disgusting outside !


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  1. Bravo to that amazing singer. I didn't understand a word but the song brought a tear to my eye. Yes, we've all put our eggs in the internet basket ... it has changed our world, some for good, some in harmful ways. Being too dependent on one thing ruled only by a few is a potential hazard.

  2. You have certainly settled in to your life in the castle.
    I might be a bit puzzled too by having a chair brought in to my apt. But all's well and it's easy to be weighed like that.
    I hope your weather turns warm and sunny soon. Mine, too.

  3. You certainly seem very happy in your residence. Hopefully you'll have lots of nice sunny days this Spring!!

  4. Let's hope the weather improves soon so you can get out and about whenever you want. But it's good to know you have lots of things happening at your new home. I share your frustration when the internet goes down.

  5. Sounds like you have a very nice routine. The masks look like fun. It's great they have a variety of activities. My mother-in-law could have used a chair for measuring weight at her facility. I wonder if they weren't invented then.


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