4 Mar 2024








Not to repeat myself on each post I put this self explaining photo on the top of my post ! I only wonder when I have to replace my shoes by flippers.

As I needed again grapes and mandarins I quickly drove to the next supermarket and unfortunately I also bought two bags of prawn crackers, because I ate one whole bag in the evening watching a funny crime story !

After my shopping I went to the restaurant where a group of residents took their coffee with little wafels and cookies.  I am improving in wheelchair pushing because I discovered the brakes. Somebody had pushed a wheelchair in the middle of nowhere and a lady sat in there, not moving at all. She had a pretty face and looked completely normal, but her eyes stared without expression, looking like Rick's eyes in his last week. She didn't speak or move, so I pushed her to the others and they made space so I could put her at the table and then suddenly she said "merci". As she didn't move, I looked for the breaks found them and fixed the wheels. I have to ask what she has. She is always dressed very elegant has shoulder long black hairs, which frames her pretty face. 

On Sunday I was invited by the son of my 100 year old friend, to her birthday, but she did celebrate her 99th  which is not bad at all either ! She and her son had invited me too, and so I made and so I met the rest of the family. They were all very nice. 

Jeannie has a son and a daughter who came with the grand children and "my" dog, only his name wasn't Charlie but Lena and he was a female. She looked so much like him ! Jeannie's grandson is also 2 m long, but weights a few kgs more then Dario my son !

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Jeannie blows out one candle but there were two numbers behind 99 I told her to turn them around, and make 66, which she found very funny !

and here I fell in love with the female edition of my beloved Charlie ! Exactly the same, very intelligent and very well educated. Now do you know a Residence who allows to bring with you such a big dog ?

We spent a real nice afternoon and laughed a lot. Other residents came to congratulate and we chatted also with the visitors. As it was Sunday a lot of families visited their grandma or pa or parents. 

Fortunately the supper was cold so I could eat when I wanted and not at 6 pm, because I was still full of the delicious birthday cake !


  1. Congrats to the Birthday Lady!!
    Glad you got to enjoy that, too!
    Where I work, there are lots pf visiting dogs, even a cat sometimes, and the dogs are of all sizes. Recently a big German Shepherd came to see his Grannie...and we have two huge Malamutes who come to visit, they are therapy dogs. Big white and fluffy!

    Sometimes new peeps can be rather bewildered by all the newness around them, maybe that is why the lady you helped to push and position wasn't very responsive? (They 'shutdown', for a time as it were.)

  2. You are having a nice time in your 'castle'. Great memories too.

  3. What a lovely party. It's always nice to meet new people and enjoy time with them.

  4. It's heart-warming to see the devotion of the 99 year old lady's son. He's not just a visitor.

  5. Beautiful furbabes and love that 99 year old and her son. What a wonderful family. So precious.

    I would love on that pup. Such wonderful pups.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  6. So handsome good looking sweetharts

  7. Is the dog enjoying the bath? Or trying to climb out as quickly as possible? My lab loved the open ocean but not a tiny dog bath.

  8. What an enjoyable Sunday. It is so good that you have many people to chat to each day and then your own space when you want some peace and quiet.


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