12 Feb 2024




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Saturday morning I did my computer work, was interrupted twice by a cleaning woman and a nurse, just to say hello to Rosie. Now she is used to them and also allows them to pet her. Only the one who dared to vacuum, when she sees her she runs away under the bed or other places. And at beginning she liked her, but since the woman has used sometimes the vacuum cleaner she dislikes her !

In the afternoon as there are no activities on weekends, I had proposed to scrabble, unfortunately not all had heard it, so we were first only 3 people but then came Jeanie the 100 year old with her son and a new one with her granddaughter. We talked about the life today which is full of interdictions, and that we have the impression that we go back to the past with their Bio and green things, even the singers are still the same they are as old as we are, the Beatles, Elton John, Mick Jagger etc, whom even Jeannie knew. And then we talked about learning languages and suddenly Jeannie said a long poem from Lafontaine, the fox and the crow, (Le corbeau et le renard) then they asked me to say it German but I had long forgotten, but the granddaughter had learned it in Italian, we all admired Jeannie that she could still say this fable at 100 years. She had also learned Greek and Latin, which at that time was quite unusual for a woman, they were kept ignorant future housewives didn't need that (she told us) and then her son told us that she even did  parachuting !! She probably has to tell a lot of other stories of her life.

Before they all arrived, I went two steps outside and the automatic door closed behind me. I turned around and wanted to go back but the door remained closed and I only had on a light pullover and it was 10°C ! I knocked and knocked but nobody heard me. So I went to the main terrace where another door was. But here you had to ring the bell. Of course on Saturdays nobody was at the reception and I rang and rang and rang, without success then I took my shoe off and banged against the glass ! Hopeless, apparently there was nobody. Then I had an idea, I fortunately had my mobile with me so I called and oh surprise somebody answered. Meanwhile I was really cold and upset and when the woman at the door asked me who I were, I said nr 14 ! let me in. Finally somebody came and opened the door. Otherwise I had to walk all the way around the castle and the convent which was quite a long way !! 

Sunday it was grey and cold. I used the opportunity to try to make a the spring cleaning of myself. Washing hairs, cutting nails taking a shower and put creme on my skin. Suddenly it was already time for lunch.

In the afternoon at 3 pm the sun came out, I jumped in my coat and boots took my mobile to take photos and went out in our park. Others had the same idea, and I was surprised when suddenly they all returned. I continued walking a bit but suddenly  it became too cold so I returned too. And as we were a little group, we stayed in our restaurant which is also the game and action room and gathered around a table to chat. Beside the bar was coffee, tea, and orange, apple, and another juice, cookies and fruits. What a service ! We spent a nice afternoon together and the weekend was over. 

And I had discovered the first flowers of 2024 ..... Snowdrops !

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