26 Jan 2024


The snow was still there, but melted slowly and became dangerous because it was cold it froze. My car was the only one behind the castle I couldn't get out too dangerous, I would probably dance in my car on the ice. But that didn't matter anyway I preferred to stay inside, on top it was cold. Now  that I feel much better physically, I participate in the animation program if I like it. 

Monday we played bowling ! That was something ! I hadn't played since at least 20 years, some had never played and it was very funny ! Of course the keys and the ball was in foam, otherwise we would have killed each other. Surprisingly the older the person was, sitting in a wheelchair, the better they played and the winner was .... my nearly 100 year old friend !! I only reached the 8th place.

I got again a letter and a phone call from my nagger (landlord) who complained that I didn't answer his letters and phone calls ! He had written one letter and sent one email the day before in the evening, and I should jump and answer that I don't have any answer. 

This gave me the idea to ask the Waterloo Facebook Club to publish only the prices of the expert without any name only the estimation for each item, I was curious what they had to say about this estimate.  I then received more then 40 replies telling me that I shouldn't put up with this and should contest this cost estimate and take a lawyer. Not one agreed with the estimate. 

But that wasn't not in my intention, I didn't want to involve official services to contest, I had another idea. In the Facebook group was a man I knew very well who was owner of 4 apartments and he should know. He came immediately and studied all the papers and came to the conclusion that I can't do a lot except contesting the work on the parquet and the cleaning which was counted twice. The reason : I had signed when we had made the entry expertise ! But that's the amount I should pay, so finally I have to pay 2 month rate. I hope because with this cheater you never know. Maybe I have dug a hole in the basement to look for gold and he wants his share and the reparation costs for the hole.
For the first time in my life I played Bingo !! I always wanted to play but didn't dare, I thought it was too complicated, when I saw the ladies playing ! Of course we didn't play with money but with buttons. 
The game looked really cute, 
It was a game for children, but so nicely made ! the little wheel and the little balls were so cute. 
My neighbor was Rina who didn't understand that she had to put the knob on the number which was named she always wanted to calculate. She was 96 years old and had started to work in the coal mines in Belgium when she was 11 !! And now people get excited when in poor countries the children have to work too. They have forgotten that not everybody had the chance to go to school.
I really like to help Amandine who is the "animator".  My housemates are so interesting and touching. I don't mind to push wheelchairs and explain for the 100 times that she is living here and doesn't have to go home. 
We spent a nice afternoon, had coffee together and then everybody went where he wanted too.

Slowly, slowly, I discover more and more old treasures in the castle, like here a little chapel, with beautiful little windows. It's not used anymore because there is not enough room. It was the family chapel. 
To end the week I visited my former neighbors and told them my miseries with the landlord. And now I understand why he wants me to pay the parquet which I alone have damaged, the former tenant took his bicycle with him and exercised probably in the apartment. He was a doctor, I wonder if he wasn't a psychiatrist ! 

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