23 Sept 2023


 If you ask me what I have done this week, it seems to me that my life looks like a pearl necklace. Each day the same or almost.

Ever since I started to sell some of the things I didn't even know that I had them, it brings a little fun in the house. It's unbelievable how people try to cheat on you. You have to be blind not to realize that it is not serious ! There was one who wanted to make 100 km to pick up a thing for 60 € and offered 10 € more so that I would keep it for him. But when I told him that it is not worthwhile to make so many km for such a small amount and that anyway I only accept cash or QR payments, I suddenly didn't hear from him anymore. Then there was one who wanted to send me (not to the moon) but almost to bring her 3 wooden cats. I told her that I go nowhere the cats are to be picked up here at my address in the entrance hall. So she proposed also 10 € and she would send the mail service to bring me the money. I asked her if the cats have to walk  to her home because I doubt that the mailman would do that, there was silence again. It's really funny or sad that people believe in such attempted scammers  and done in such a stupid way ! 

But there are also nice people like the one who bought a painting and thanked me afterwards, as it had been painted by his great grandfather.

Each day I try to find out the real value of the thing I want to sell, take a picture and put it online in group "Marketplace". Everybody had warned me that there are a lot of cheaters, but that was the interesting thing for me , I really enjoy making fun of these people. As long as I sit on my cats or whatever it is and have not accept any strange payment, I risk nothing. Oh yes, an invitation to a drink ! Nobody knows where I live.

Luckily I don't care about these things, I have no problem getting rid of them. Just a few things and of course these I keep. Like the Cowboy hat Rick had bought in Texas in 1971, is a bit dirty, but otherwise of good quality !! 

I finished the week with my visit to Nicole, who is still the same, she wants to control all invoices and gets on the nerves of her daughter. She still is very good in numbers ! 

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  1. I do have some respect for really clever scammers. They can fool the best of us. But I guess Facebook Market Place is not where they hang out.

  2. I think people would have to get up very early in the morning to catch you out;-)

  3. My husband buys and sells some things online, and it's amazing how many buyers want the seller to bend over backwards and make all the concessions. It seems so tedious, but I suppose if you want to make something from your possessions rather than just donating them, it has to be done. Here we have yard sales, garage sales, tag sales -- a day when you sell things from your yard or garage and people come by to look at them). That gets it all done at once, but the problem is people want bargains then--they don't want to pay the value of something. But I imagine you probably couldn't have a sale like that in an apartment anyway. I wish you well and safety from scammers.

  4. I have looked online for things but I seldom buy or sell. Recently I saw that a friend was selling her kitchen table--an Amish made all wood with four chairs. I texted her and she sold to me. That was the best deal I ever did.
    Best of luck to you on selling your things--and have fun :)

  5. I just sell things locally or to people I know. A lot less worry.

  6. I have not bought or sold things online.

  7. The recycled teenagers meme made me laugh. We sold a lot of stuff on Marketplace when we sold my mom's house for her. It's a lot of work. Didn't have scammers to deal with so much as people wanting everything for nothing.


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