21 Sept 2023


1. If your life had a theme song for this past year what would it be? 

Since Rick's death, I am not the same anymore. I, who was never sick, has all five minutes something now. It's terrible. I cannot live with somebody who could help me,  but I cannot live alone either. I feel like a person with only one leg. I hope the move into my "Castle" will put me on the rails again, at least a bit. 54 years of life together are impossible to erase. 

2. Chocolate cake, chocolate milkshake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate truffle, chocolate mousse, chocolate candy bar or a fudgy chocolate brownie...of the chocolate treats listed, which one is your favorite? Which one have you tasted most recently? Or maybe you don't like chocolate??? 

I am not a sweet girl. From time to time I eat some black chocolate or ice cream, but that happens only from time to time. 

3. What has surprised you recently? 

That I sold a painting to a young man and it turned out that it had been painted by his great grandfather.

4. September 19th is National Voter Registration Day in the US. Are you registered to vote in whatever state or country you happen to live in right now? If not, why not? Not counting a political race, what's something you've had to vote on recently? 

As I am still German, I am not allowed to vote in Belgium (fortunately with all these clowns) and in Germany I am not allowed to vote as I am living in Belgium. So problem solved. Honestly wouldn't know who to vote. Conclusion : I have never voted in my whole life and the world is still turning. It was the same with Rick, he could vote in Italy, but living for so long in Belgium he didn't follow the  Italian politics (mafia)

5. Do you like to hike? If so, when's the last time you went hiking and where'd ya go? If you're not a hiker are you a walker? Is walking (for exercise, etc.) part of your daily/weekly routine? 

Hiking ? Don't even know this word, I am far too lazy. I like walking only if there is something to see, a castle, a zoo, buildings etc, but I would never walk just like that without a dog (my cat refuses) I am rather a coach potato. Always been, combined with a bookworm.  Except I loved dancing !

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

My head is filled only with that :






  1. Neither of you allowed to vote in the place you called home - that's sad, not to have the choice.

  2. Lots of interesting facts here...I am not allowed to vote here in the USA as I am not a citizen, and I have been gone too long from Canada so I can't vote there either...not being allowed to vote, means I can grumble about all of it, right?? LOL!

    Best wishes on the upcoming moving journey to your new dwelling.

  3. Loved your answers. They really made me laugh.

  4. Sorry to hear how much you have gone down hill since Ricardo died. But it is understandable. Hope you get better when you are in your castle.


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