12 May 2023


From Monday til Friday it rained every day and as I am not a frog or a fish it was rather depressing. On top of that I was stressed I thought I would explode or at least my head I had so many things to think of. I don't remember what I have done each day, but it was not the packing of the suitcase which put me in this state, but all the things I had to think of ! When Rick was still there, I just packed my suitcase and of I went. He drove me to the airport and picked me up on my return.

Now I had to think of finding somebody to take care of Rosie, to make a list of everything which has to be closed and done before I leave, pay all invoices and order a taxi. 

I still found a bit of time to say good bye to Nicole, who is much better and again normal, she was sitting together with all the others around a big table and they celebrated "Mother's Day" ! Normally it's on the 14th but there probably a few children will show up. Not all residents get visit from their children, excuse : too busy, gone on holidays, all excuses are good. I can understand, it's very hard to see their parents decline each time a bit more. I know, I went through it. I don't even know how I managed it.

But now I am looking forward to my cruise !

We have to be ready at 4 am ( poor me) and then a taxi will take us to Brussels airport, where we meet the other participants. Then we fly to Munich in Germany and take a bus to the next port. And then the fun starts ! We will be sitting, or laying in our beds and look at the beautiful landscape until Bucharest in Romania. Of course there are lots of stops where we take a Bus to visit the cities. This is the perfect way for seniors to see a lot and don't move a lot. Of course you can't do that several times per year ! It makes a hole in your wallet but it is worthwhile at least I hope so. You never know your own feelings or reactions.

and these two I put in my suitcase

more participants at Susanne at Living to tell the Story.


  1. Rain in spring is a good thing, right? we had a DRY week but we did get rain the week before.
    WOW that looks and sounds like it will be a wonderful vacation for you. I'm sure you'll meet lots of nice people.
    Oh and HAPPY MOTHER's DAY!

  2. Glad to hear Nicole is better. As for you, having things on your mind - thst's the situation of those living alone. One has to think of everything, do all a house needs, take care of one's self and of the house. It's possible, but rather exhausting.

  3. Happy packing and Happy traveling! You will have a wonderful holiday.
    Good to hear that Nicole is doing better.

  4. I'm glad Nicole is doing a little better. I hope you have a great time on your cruise! Belated Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Good news that Nicole is better. Lots to think of when going on a holiday but once you are there I'm sure it will all be worth it.

  6. I was down in Oregon visiting my old son and his family over Mothers day.
    Coffee is on and stay safe.


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