8 May 2023



Little Leia, the new dog of my Grandson, and here I found a photo of the mother, the father was a Golden Retriever !





When Saturday morning at 8 am Maria showed up, I was already in London and watched the preparations for the coronation of King Charles III. My airplane and seat in front of the church and then the Buckingham palace was on my sofa 

In the UK it was one hour earlier and London was already full. There were people who camped there since two days !  

and then the golden  carriages  arrived ! It was like in a fairy tale and I saw myself driving to the nearest supermarket and doing my shopping.

When this huge amount of colorful soldiers, guards or whatever arrived, it looked very impressive, but I thought about the poor men who certainly had to go to the toilet, but when, they were all marching in rows and it would have been difficult to break out !

As the rain was pouring on their bear hats they must have been very heavy if the rain had soaked in. The whole looked wonderful I thought I was in a big very special show.

The screens which were put around the King, I found really very beautiful, It would even fit in my living room. They were there so that the public couldn't see him during a religious procedure

when the screens were taken away, I saw him there standing in a short nightgown, or was it a white shirt ? It looked a bit funny compared to what he was wearing before and after the coronation

I believe that this coronation was good for everyone to finally see or live a real "fairy tale" and not just always pictures of wars and miseries. I only know the UK who kept the very old coronation tradition, all other countries which have  a king or a queen, don't wear a crown and there are not such a huge show.

Queen Camilla adjusted the crown herself, apparently it was not right on her head !

and then the ceremony was finished and King and Queen followed by a long line of family and people.

We also could see the next King, with his Queen and children, except the oldest one, George who had to work, by carrying the King's long train. My personal favorite is darling little Louis, who is so cute and natural, he makes even the saddest person funny again.

I had seen the coronation of Queen Elisabeth, it was the first time in my life that I went to a cinema ! I was 10 years old ! Nobody had a TV in 1953. 

I spent the whole day watching, and waited for a moment when it was not very interesting for me to go there where the King also uses his feet and not a car or carriage. The whole ceremony of the coronation was perfect. Compared to his mother's it was simple but not too simple and certainly far more cheerful and funny. All people seemed happy. Of course there are always some who are against a monarchy (here too) but all in all there was no special incident. 

On Sunday it rained I prepared some stuff for my cruise, starting next Sunday and stated that my bathing suit has shrank a bit ! It's three long years I didn't use it ! And then I prepared the photos I had taken.


  1. The Coronation was certainly a splendid spectacle. I love the pageantry.

  2. A lovely review of the coronation, which we also thoroughly enjoyed (via TV of course!) ... the human touches were the best: Camilla brushing her hair away as the crown was placed on her head, little Louis of course, I think stifling a yawn at one point ... and there seemed to be moments when even Charles looked in awe of it all! Quite the history on display for those of us who enjoy that ... oh and your new little grand-pup is just adorable!

  3. Awww on that adorable puppy. So precious.

    Didn't watch the coronation. Not into the Royals. I did love Lady Di though.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  4. Oh my wonderful photos- so memorable! I remember staying home when Queen Elizabeth was coronated so our family
    could watch the coronation together!

  5. We watched the Kentucky Derby here although it is always late in the day when the horses run. Iheard many good things about the coronation Your photos shares are lovely. Thank you .


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