27 Mar 2023


 Why does she call me "my little snail" ? A snail is not so pretty as I ! 

Did you get up one hour earlier ? I didn't, I sleep anyway the whole day so it doesn't matter. I didn't even realize, but then she she juggled around with cups and spoons and I woke up ! Too early for breakfast she was wrong ! I turned around and continued to sleep. She told me that now we have summertime, but anyway summer or winter it's the same weather !


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Saturday when I woke up I was angry with myself because I didn't want to get up ! I needed a crane to pull me out of my bed. For a moment I considered to stay in there the whole day, but then I thought if I start with such ideas then it's the end of my active life and just have to buy a bigger basket and share it with Rosie the whole day ! 

Finally I ate my breakfast and started my blog, made comments and answered a few phone calls. After lunch I intended to go out and buy a card for an old mobile which I wanted to use when I couldn't find my smartphone, which contained my whole life ! But then the rain and wind held me back. I had lunch and watched my little movie, at least I thought I had seen it, but I had seen nothing, I had fallen asleep !

I made myself a strong coffee so that the spoon stood up to wake  up for the rest of the day. I did two new headers and suddenly it was evening and getting dark.  I hope that tomorrow something exciting happens, Fortunately all clocks set themselves, except  two, otherwise I would probably get up several days too early! I can't even count on Rosie



  1. The new header is good and I like the small photo of Rick.

  2. Switching the time is the dumbest thing ever. No one likes it, so pick a time and leave it alone.

  3. I agree with Andrew.
    Our clocks change automatically, apart from the grandfather clock. Yesterday seemed a very long day, oddly.

  4. Love your header too. Putting Rick in there made me smile.

    Awww on your adorable kitty. They are such wonderful family members.

    I hate the time change too. It takes me days to recoup.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  5. Hope you feel a bit more motivated today. The weather today is lots of sunshine but cold. Much better than all that rain and grey skies. Hope you had some sunshine in your life today.

  6. Lovely header- I like how you snick Rick into the header! Your kitty is awdorable! So sweet all cozy and happy!

  7. Rosie napping is an infectious sight.


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