25 Mar 2023


I think to write the weekly FFF, I just have to copy and paste the text from the weeks before ! Except this week nobody died ! The weather too was the same, grey, rain, etc just the right weather to sing and dance in the rain ! 

Tuesday for the first time the Family assistant came and it was so funny because we knew each other, she had taken care of Rick. She was sad that he had died and remembered that he used to show her his watch collection. Then she did all the things that are too heavy for me, folded the laundry and tidied up  my closet which was a mess. I still have this lack of energy.

 From now on she comes every week and also helps me with paperwork. This is a great relief for me.

My son came on Thursday morning, the poor boy left Amsterdam at 6 am to be at 11 in Waterloo to attend the ceremony of our Indian friend. He knew him since he was a baby and his and my son were the first friends in their lives. So funny to see when they were a month old laying side by side, one looking like a hedgehog with a lot of black hairs standing up and mine bald, just with a few hairs in the middle like  a punk ! And today it's the opposite, My son has a lot of hairs and his friend is bald !


We met at the Funeral ceremony room and arrived nearly at the same time.

I had googled how Hindus celebrate funerals and knew that my friend had tried to combine the Christian and the Hindu "religion" so different. I was a bit disappointed because only the two sons, their wives and the two grand children had respected the Hindu rules. They were dressed in white and all of them had a little speech full of humor which made us laugh, exactly as it should be.

I wore a white blouse and black trousers and a red jacket. The colors of Hindu funerals are yellow, orange and red. As they believe that there is a life after the death, it's not a sad but a cheerful ceremony.

But here with all the posh oldies they came in black and made crosses. After the ceremony we gathered in a room and had coffee, wine and sandwiches. Funny was that I met the mothers of the boys I knew from Kindergarten, we looked at each other with question marks in our eyes, before suddenly we recognized each other, so many years later and with  wrinkles ! 

Of course we all wanted to know what our boys had become in life and I was very proud that the one who had made the best career and had become the best of all, was my son ! And he was so bad at school. The little genius of one of the mothers was proud to say that her son had become a doctor, as if he had become a king ! I said nothing, for me it was enough that he had made such an amazing career. 

After a while I had enough and went home.  D stayed a little longer of course it was so nice for him to see his old classmates again after all these years ! 

The rest of the day he started to do little things which I don't know or had no idea how to solve the problem. The problem was to leave my home  key somewhere, in case I fall and the ambulance has to get into the apartment. My neighbors are all too old and refused it was to stressing for them, which I could understand. 

My son found the solution ! He disappeared, and came back with a "key safe" a great invention I didn't know at all, You put the key in, lock with a code and put it at your door or in another place. I am lucky I just have a space with the fire tube in besides my appartment and put it in there. Now I have to give my code to the Telehelp. 

Then he installed useful apps in my computer for exemple one in where I can stock all my passwords and codes and which opens only with a code. 

But the best thing was, he connected his computer (in Amsterdam) to mine here in Waterloo, so when I have administration problems etc, he can handle them from there. I was really happy ! One worry less. And to end his visit he vacuumed the whole apartment ! After that we had a Hamburger and then he drove home not to get in the traffic jam. 

He left a happy mother who watched a movie and then went to bed ! I hope that next week there will be weddings, births and baptisms. ..... and sunshine !


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  1. What a great post, Gattina! I love all the positive things you wrote about. Of course the best is that your son came to visit and had a great time celebrating your friend's life at his funeral. And he got to spend time with his friends, too.
    It is nice that you have help coming each week and that you already know her.
    Have a good sunny weekend!

  2. Sounds like a busy but good week for you! I've been to a Hindu wedding (THREE HOURS LONG!!) and it was fascinating. It was my best friend from childhood. She and her family were the only "dark" people in our town. How i loved learning to eat Indian food and learning about their culture. As a Christian, I find it fascinating that they have just different views. It's interesting to know different cultures and religions.
    Your son is very handsome! His wife didn't join him??
    Have a happy weekend and I hope you have more sunshine than we do here in New York. It is looking like Spring but feeling like winter. UGH.

  3. What a lovely son he is. A sad occasion to bring him home, but it's strange how funerals can be a good way for people to reconnect. It's a party without the main person there.

  4. Aside from someone dying and attending a funeral, you had quite a good week I think.

  5. I once went to an athirst funeral.
    Coffee is on and stay safe.

  6. Glad your son helped out so much. your community helper sounds a great idea and what a coincidence that you knew her. Everyone in the village has a key safe at their door. Our next of kin, our village buddies and the staff all have the code. it is great that D has connected your computer to his. Another great device is the Apple watch. If you fall it will contact the ambulance and your next of kin or whoever you put in as emergency contacts. Our kids said we should get one each so we did. It does a whole lot of amazing things health wise.

  7. So nice of your son to do things for you. I hope you are doing better. I seem to blog less and less these days. I have a back problem and don't like to sit at my desk if I can help it, especially after 8 hours on the computer at work.

  8. Going peacefully to bed with few worries is heaven. With all the world's woes it is so refreshing to hear of such a wonderful helpful son and lifelong friends.

  9. The family assistant is such a great idea. Is that provided by the government? It's so good that your son could come and help you out in so many ways. The key safe is a great invention.

  10. The description of your son and his friends hair, both then and now, made me laugh. I'm glad you are getting help with the paperwork. How interesting about Hindu funerals and colors. Nice that you're son was able to get some things done for you and very smart to connect the two computers together so he can help right away even from afar.


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