6 Feb 2023


The field with the cows has disappeared and a house is built ! Arthur checked if the work is done properly. 





For me the first weekend after this horrible January was real nice ! My son and Toby came on Saturday noon and brought Hamburgers along, as unfortunately I had a real strong asthma attack, and the lightest effort left me breathless. When I didn't move it was OK. Anyway I absolutely have to go to the lung doctor. 

I was really sad that this had to happen to me this weekend. But still we happily ate our  hamburgers, then we chatted and laughed and Dario did all the little jobs I couldn't do, like lifting heavy things, opening stuck faucets, tidying up the basement a bit and then was dinner time.  

Fortunately I had 1 kg of Gnocchi in the freezer, with mozzarella, spinach, tomatoes etc, definitely a very filling dish. I had to put it in a huge salad bowl, and they ate it all !! What an appetite, I wasn't used to that anymore ! After supper they both went to the cinema, I preferred to stay home because I feared to get breathing problems and found it more careful to stay home. 

On Sunday we made it cool, everybody ate what he wanted for breakfast, Toby a yogurt, I my oat with blueberries, and Dario liked croissants. My son absolutely wanted to vacuum, which I thought was very nice of him, 

For lunch they both got a gyros plate from our Greek restaurant. The portions were huge !

Nonna and Toby show what they can do with their fingers !

Mother and child !

and so ended a nice weekend with doing nothing, at least I did nothing, but we had fun and that was good for all of us


  1. What a great weekend for you. You have a handsome and good caring son now, and a caring grandson.

  2. How nice they came to visit, especially since you were not feeling your best. They could help you out and you could still enjoy their company.

  3. Arthur was a great snoopervisor. Adorable shot.

    I'm so happy you had a great weekend. All smiles and lots of good food. Men and boys can eat very well.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  4. It's great that your children live close by so are able to come over and help. I have one daughter and she is a six hour drive from here.

  5. Doing nothing with one's children and their offspring is the most wonderful doing nothing that I can imagine! Take care!

  6. What a beautiful post! Spending time with loved ones is so wonderful. My husband Avery has asthma and our youngest son Nick too. All the food sounds delicious. Our middle Rebekah made Shepherd's Pie last night. I baked a pan of Corn bread to go with it at lunch today. We are having much better weather, the snow moved south of us so hoping for more melting and clearing the yard so we can take care of our lawn. :-) I hope your new week is wonderful. I love seeing all the photos.

  7. Definitely get checked out by the doctor.

  8. What a lovely weekend for you excpt for the asthma attack. Toby is so tall for his ageSo nice of Dario to do jobs around the house.

  9. I loved seeing Arthur inspecting the house being built. Hopefully it passed his standards.
    What a fun weekend you had with your son and grandson. Lots of good pictures to capture all the memories.

  10. No sure, but the above comment was from us...if it went to spam...oopsie.

    Hope your breathing is better, now.

  11. I'm glad they came to visit you and you all had a good time but yes it sounds like you need to get yourself checked out.


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