8 Dec 2022



1. The Hodgepodge lands on National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. Have you visited the memorial? Any desire to do so? Have you visited other WW2 sites and memorials? Do you think we do a good job of teaching current and younger generations about the events of WW2? Do you think it matters? 

Bonn 1948

I have never visited a war memorial or sites or anything concerning wars and I will never do. I grew up in a completely bombed out city in Germany and my playgrounds were ruins. I have seen enough of what war can do and suggest that the politicians fight in a box ring instead of sending innocent men to defend what ? No war, no defense needed. 

2. Many books, both fiction and non-fiction have been written with WW2 as the setting. Is this a 'genre' you gravitate towards? Share with us a book (or two) you've enjoyed that is set in some way around WW2. If you're not a reader, how about a movie? 

I don't need to read about war I saw it life and I never went to a war movie. When I think that my uncle had to be a soldier at 15 (!!!) and was caught almost immediately by the Russians, and he spent 10 years in Siberia ! I don't think that somebody sane in mind and had lived all these horrors wants to see them again in a movie ! I would rather write a book and not read one. I was only a child but I remember everything.

3. According to Better Homes and Gardens Magazine there are seven popular color trends for the holidays this year. They are- red and white, Victorian blue, pops of pink, rich shades of green, rainbow hues, black and white, and nostalgic retro colors. Are you 'trendy' when it comes to holiday decorating in 2022? How so? Does your tree have a 'theme'?  

I am only trendy if there are a lot of colors ! I hate sophisticated, posh Christmas trees. Our tree is a cheerful one, colorfull with no theme ! We first a had a real big one but then a fake, because of 2 cats, a dog and a toddler who loved the real tree too much ! This one we have for years.

4. What's a current trend you buck?  

That young and old men walk around with a bun 


5. What's your favorite chocolate something?  

I seldom eat chocolate, I am not a sweet girl ! and if I eat it has to be black chocolate

6. Insert your own random thought here.  

For the moment I "digest" the beautiful trip to Switzerland and try to remember the places I have seen. It was the Lake Lucerne. The trip is like a puzzle in my head and I have to put it together. Christmas this year without Rick will probably be strange. 



  1. Ah, yes, the man bun. I know someone who does that.

    The guy's an idiot.

  2. I quite like younger men with hair buns. Your header photo is lovely.

  3. I too have no use for war and its horrors. I heard plenty enough from my parents and relatives whoo live in the Netherlands during the war.
    I think we do need to impress upon the younger generation(s) about what happened and the horrors of war, so that they may try to not allow such to happen again .

    Your Christmas tree is pretty! Mine is a cozy not at all fashionable tree also. I like it to be bright and cheerful.

    Men with a bun...nope not for me to enjoy very much either when I see them.

    I like dark chocolate too, Mmmm, I think I want some now, LOL!

    Your trip was to a very scenic place.



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