28 Nov 2022



Best friends, and it continues now they are both 12 years old. Toby my grandson lives in Amsterdam and Benji in Waterloo. Thanks to Whatsapp and other means they stay in contact and even play games together ! (and their Dads are also best friends !)


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Apparently a tsetse fly bit me this weekend, I didn't feel like moving at all. I spent about the whole day between the phone, working on various photos, making a Christmas header here for this blog. The picture shows Rick's town at Christmas near the Garda Lake.

I also decorated the terrace a bit, as you can see it rained again !
and the gardener came already twice to get rid of the leaves !  Now I can see the houses behind the naked trees.

Miss Rosie has left her basket for an hour to watch what I am doing outside !

On Sunday it rained, I was looking for pictures of landscapes. The time went by very quickly. For the afternoon I wanted to invite my 3 widows before I would go to Switzerland. On the weekend they are often busy with their families. One effectively was invited to the birthday of her X great grandchild. The other one wanted absolutely watch the football (soccer) World cup, Belgium (the red Devils) against Morocco.

It was a little special because we have a lot of Moroccans in Belgium who became Belgian and didn't know whom to support ! Since Toby doesn't play football anymore because the doctor had told him it is not a sport for him, too dangerous for him he is growing too fast ! Now he plays Basketball !

Certainly in the News they will only talk about this football game, even if the world goes under !

Unfortunately Belgium lost. There were terrible riots in the center of Brussels, with burning cars, broken windows etc. And only because Belgium lost against Morocco 

It was much worse than what I thought. This has nothing to do with Sport !

Toby has celebrated his birthday for the 3rd time. First with me in Belgium, then with his grandmother in Holland and finally with his friends. 5 in total. They went bowling, had the birthday cake and then stayed over night all in the living room ! I hope that the parents survived, but we went through this too ! 

As Wednesday I will go to Switzerland, I had done my laundry, the papers were ready and above all my case with all the bank cards which I had forgotten when I went to England ! 




  1. Sweet to see all the pics of Toby & Benji together!

    That header is beautiful! I thought perhaps it was a pic of the area in Switzerland where you are going. LOL!

    Sorry your team lost...

    Glad you are all prepared for your upcoming trip. Enjoy yourself!

  2. It will be nice if Benji and Toby remain friends into adulthood.
    Bad news here reported after Belgium's football loss with riots.
    I am sure you will have a good time Switzerland. Where your are going, they will speak French?

  3. Best friends are the very best. Both are very handsome.

    I love your new Christmas header.

    Yikes on the riot after losing a game. So sad.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  4. It just baffles me that anyone wants to riot or throttle others over that sport.

  5. How lovely to see the boys growing up. I hope you have a lovely time in Switzerland.

  6. Oops! Don't know what happened to my comment. It's lovely to see the progress of those two lovely boys . I hope you have a lovely time in Switzerland.

  7. Its Wednesday here now so I hope you will be on your way soon and have the best trip.

  8. That header is beautiful and lovely photos of Toby and his friend. What a shame about those riots. Senseless. Have a good time in Switzerland. Safe travels.


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