13 Aug 2022


 Since 1986 a flower carpet is made on the Grand'Place in Brussels. 

The Flower Carpet is 70 m long by 24 m wide. 1,680 m² of begonias, dahlias, grass and bark.
A hundred volunteers assemble the carpet in less than six hours.
The first Flower Carpet of Brussels was created in 1971 and has been a showstopper every two years on the Grand-Place since 1986. It is exposed from August 12 to 15th. 

As it was so hot I thought I better watch on the Webcam of the Grand Place. As it should start on the 12, I  looked at the Webcam already at 6 pm on the 10th and what did I see :

the place half covered with a fabric or plastic

on the 11th morning it hadn't made a lot of progress !

 I thought they have to hurry up if it should be ready for the next day in the morning, but the Webcam showed me this at 11 am

But at 8 pm on the 11th, there was a start !

and at 10 am on the 12th it was finally ready and people arrived or were already there. The poor flowers in this heat ! There were not so many people probably because it started to get more and more hot. They probably arrive late afternoon or evening.

and this is the pattern of the 2022 carpet, the first one since 4 years ! Usually it's done each two years, but due to the Corona problems it had to wait !

On Sunday 35° are announced, clouds and a thunderstorm .... I sincerely hope the weatherman is wrong !

All pictures I took per screenshot and am quite happy about the result. (except the pattern of course)


  1. The flower carpet is, no doubt, a great attraction! Even without the carpet, Grand Place is...grand! I visited the place in the 70ies.

  2. Lovely, It also remind me of quilt.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. How absolutely beautiful and for no other reason than to achieve something of delight, even if it is for one magical moment in time. This is how we can create a beautiful world on a much larger scale and lower the temperatures, working purposefully together.

  4. The webcam is a great idea. You get a much better view than if you were in the square.


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