15 Aug 2022



Each time Rick ate he complained bitterly to me, that he could never eat in peace and that I should help him. And while he complained he fed the always hungry Arthur (the white cat) and even put food on the floor for Pookie, only Rosie didn't accept anything she only ate her cat food and never something else, til today ! 

That's also what I miss, the call for help !


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This was a very exciting weekend (?!) In the morning it was quite fresh and Maria could clean and even cleaned the enormous windows, I have. But around 11 the heat started to climb, fortunately I had closed windows and curtains and it was nice. But sitting in the dark in summer is not my cup of tea. I thought I should buy an air cooler or an air conditioner on wheels, but then I thought it's not worthwhile because it will only last for one or maximum two months. 

Therefore I stayed inside, emptied completely Rick's computer, watched  a movie and then I sat outside because it was so windy again that I had to fix my fugitive parasol with one more cord but at least I was outside ! I checked twice the Webcam on the Grand'Place to see how it went with the flower carpet, (see post below).

On Sunday the weather was even worse ! It was cloudy and nice until 10 and then suddenly it became hot, very hot 34° and still with a covered sky ! I managed to keep a temperature of 24° inside, only by closing the windows, as there was no sunshine I let the curtains open. When I had to go outside I thought I would enter an oven ! My old school friend from Germany called me to know how I was, and she also complained that she had to stay inside as it was far too hot to sit outside. Their house is not so well insulated as my apartment because it is much older. She has a lot of health troubles, little once fortunately. Perhaps on their way to the Netherlands they will come and visit me, they haven't seen yet where I live now. 

Nicole called me too, I think now she is ready to go into a retirement home, because she has fallen 3 times out of her bed during this week and lay on the floor until her daughter was alerted by the Tele help service (Nicole has to wear a necklace with a little box and a knob to call for help) Her daughter is exhausted and she remarks it and once her son came at 3 am, I hope she realizes that she can't continue like that. The nurse who comes in the morning couldn't get in because Nicole hadn't heard the doorbell etc etc. So next week as soon as it's a bit cooler I will go with her "retirement home" hunting. It probably will be the same as Rick, because not only it's nice but she also can take her cat along. Cats are allowed. Little dogs too, but they don't have to bark too much !

Tomorrow the shops are all closed again and the city looks dead in this heat. That's not summer, that's like hell ! 

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  1. The heat over there is terrible and no one has air conditioning. Hope it cools off soon.

  2. Why are the shops closed? It's common here for small stores to be closed on Monday, but it sounds like something else there. Yes, Rick is very much missed. Those are "awww" moments, for sure. I'm glad you got photos of them.

  3. Like you the heat here is unbearable. I sit in darkened rooms during the day but at least it is cool.

  4. What a wonderful group of photographs of Rick complaining about needed help and he's feeding the kitties. You made me smile. A huge Awww.

    It's so hot here too, but we have air conditioning and it's nice if we don't have to be out in the heat.

    Sorry about your friend needing to go to a home, but falling out of bed and no one is around is not a good thing.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  5. Referring to Nicole. It's sad when one has to leave home and go into some sort of facility. You've seen for yourself - they don't last long there, even with the best of care. Anyway, may she find soon a suitable arrangement.

  6. It was very hot and humid today but it was a holiday so we went out to Vallwtt.a I hadn't been there in months. It was nice to be out but it would have been better if it was cooler.

  7. Sorry to hear about Nicole. It must be hard for her and her family. We finally had a bit of rain yesterday and today it feels a bit fresher.


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