26 May 2022


1. It's National Wine Day (May 25)...do you like wine? Red or white? Dry or sweet? Do you have a favorite? Have you ever been to California wine country? Or any other wine region? What's a dish you make that calls for wine?

Yes, I used to love red and white wine, but that's a long time ago. Now I don't drink any alcohol anymore. Being married to an Italian I had to taste all home made wines of all uncles and friends, the Californian wine I drank for the first time in Madison/Wisc with me American aunt and then later in in the UK. Now it exists everywhere in Europe too. Yes I have been to California three times.

In Belgium where I live it's the use to drink wine with a meal  and it depends what. With fish you drink white wine and with meat red.  

2. What's something you've whined about lately?

That my husband's condition had deteriorated a lot in the last four days, and that he needed more attention and care. After having more then "whined", it had its effect and now he is well taken care of.  

3. Last time you were 'wined and dined'? Tell us about it. 

My son spent the last weekend with me and we went to a Greek restaurant, which was very good. We sat in the garden, the sun was shining and the food excellent.

4. Three cheers for ....... my real and virtual friends who help and support me in these difficult times

5. This will be the last Hodgepodge in the month of May. Somehow next Wednesday the calendar rolls into June. Before we go though, sum up your May in twelve words or less. 

The usual routine, visits to Rick, once to a flower show, put summer furniture out, bought a parasol, had some friends here, twice a visit of son and grandson and that was it. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Today I have no other thought in my mind then how long will Rick stay in this terrible state. Everything is done that he doesn't suffer but honestly I am in a sort of nightmare and hope that I will wake up. 





  1. Sorry I have been quiet for so long. I have been busy making year books for the boys. Glad your whining was listened too. I hope Rick and you do not suffer for too much longer. Hang in there.

  2. Sitting in a sunny Greek restaurant courtyard with your son, I guess eating Greek food, sounds pretty good to me.

  3. Oh my, I do love wine and spirits. I always have a big bottle of what I call my "Roo" wine in the fridge. (Yellow Tail)

  4. The last time I had wine was a Uruguayan brand at an embassy event years ago.

  5. I want to give you a huge virtual hug to help support you as you go through this hard detour in your and Rick's lives. You are very faithful to him in your visits and making sure he is cared for as he should be. Love hurts a lot sometimes (((((♥)))))
    I am glad you have not only virtual friends, but also real ones and a loving son to help you as well.


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