6 May 2022


Monday after having done some paperwork, made appointments and then after lunch and a movie I started with making a folder of our white cat who shared our life for almost 20 years and left us two years ago. 

I picked out of all albums the most comical photos of Arthur who had been a very special cat, he was like a dog only he acted like a cat, that means when I called him he took the message was thinking it over and came when he wanted  ! A dog would have come immediately.

These are only a few pictures picked out, there are hundreds left. He was the most photographed cat as he had a lot of adventures which I wrote in my cat blog. I want to summarize his adventures into a book. I just need my brain for that in case I can't walk well anymore ! Of course I hope this won't happen too early at least I have plans for the future. I too am approaching the 2 x 40 !

I really needed to do something for my health, against this constant stress I am living with. So I went to a beauty salon and for two hours had a face cleaning and an anti stress massage and I have to say when I came out and arrived home I was extremely tired which was a good sign. I slept like a baby and felt much better the next day. I think I should do this more often.

When I visited Rick he was sleeping and his room was tidy, I quickly put the water, orange juice and yogurts in the fridge and when he woke up I was sitting peacefully in a chair by his bed. For about 10 min he was a bit clear and we could speak together, but then he was tired and didn't find his words anymore so I let him sleep and went home.

The next day I felt very tired and had symptoms of the flu ! Not the Covid. But then I remembered that I felt the same way when I had the last massage, it was probably all the stress that came out! Anyway, I took a pain and fever killer, and rested all day. 

Rosie had her 15th birthday but didn't want any treats. She only eats her croquettes. And here she is with me and in the collage you see her as a baby with her mum and then in my bread basket because she was so tiny! She still looks like a young cat because she stayed small. 


After the bread basket came a bigger one

Tomorrow I'm going on a day trip by bus to Ghent to see the flower show and I'm looking forward to getting out !


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  1. Rosie looks great for her age and the vintage lady looks ok too. Have fun in Ghent.

  2. I am glad that Rick was doing well enough to converse a bit. I remember pictures of Arthur. He was quite a character. My son's cat is small like Rosie, though she's an adult and even had a litter of kittens before he got her. I'm glad you were able to do something stress-relieving. Have fun on your trip!

  3. Rosie is definitely looking well for her age. You take great care of your cats. Good that you are also taking care of yourself too. Hope you have a good day in Ghent.

  4. Happy Purrthday to Rosie, and happy memories of Arthur. Hope you and Rick have a good week . Enjoy your trip.

  5. I hope you ave a wonderful trip to Ghent.

    Those massages can make your body do strange things...but they sure do help to relieve stress. I always say that we need an in-house 24/7 massage person where I work!

    Neither you nor Rosie appear to be elderly...you both look great!

  6. Sound like the Massage did wonders for you.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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