8 Nov 2021



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After this busy week, I decided to chill out during the weekend and regain forces and stay in bed a little longer.

Unfortunately, I didn't quite succeed because when I had just crawled out of bed, the doorbell rang. My neighbor wanted to know if nothing had happened to me because the curtains were still closed. I was really touched. 

In difficult times you notice who is a real friend and the others only take advantage of the fact that I am good at entertainingt and organizing. As soon as I don't feel well and have worries, they stay away. I quickly put on a bathrobe and Aline and I had a nice cup of coffee. 

Then I got an email that the residence is now completely closed and everyone has to stay in their room. The annoying thing is that I can't make a call because the phone still with a cord, is too far away from Rick's bed and he can't get up. 

Isabel, who always takes care of me when I have troubles, found a solution for this. She bought an old mobile phone and a SIM card in a second hand shop and brought the whole thing home to me! 


Hope he can handle it

On Monday I'm going to drop it off at the residence in the hope that he can answer and not press the wrong button. After that there was silence for a while until a man suddenly called me and asked where he should send his  bill, in the residence or to my home. It was for an ambulance transport. I hadn't known anything about it, he must have fallen out of bed again. Of course, I was terribly upset that the residence hadn't informed me. On the other hand, they have now so much to do and are in a real mess to to take the right measures because of the Covid outbreak. 

The rest of the time I watched TV looked out of the window when the sun was shining and surfed a bit the net. 

Sonday was not better, I just pottered around a bit and washed my hair. Then it was already time for lunch. During and after lunch I watched 2 movies only interrupted by my son's phone call to tell me that nothing has changed. Tomorrow I will go there myself and talk to the Manager, the nurses or aids you get on the phone during weekend anyway always say the same because they just have no time and it's just to calm down the relatives. 

In the afternoon Adeline came to watch cat videos with me, because she wanted to know cats a bit better, she will probably get one same age as Rosie (14). She was so surprised what cats can do and how intelligent they are.

The weekend went by and tomorrow starts another week with some complaints to do, I still haven't got a package I had ordered and which should be delivered last week and some other paperwork for the health insurance !



  1. Sure glad you have such a sweet neighbor.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. It is just as well old people are retired. There is so much to do when you are older. You would never have time for work.
    The phone looks like one designed for older people. It's a good find.

  3. I hope you will be able to talk to your husband again. It must be really hard on him too, all those changes in recent times and now this.

  4. It doesn't matter how busy the residence is, they need to keep you informed of what is going on with your husband. Hope the cell works for him. Perhaps it will on his better days.

  5. Awww on the kitties. So precious. Kitties are such a comfort.

    What a wonderful friend you have. That's so wonderful.

    Sorry about your husband. I hope all is well. They should have called you though.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. Scritches to the kitties. ♥

  6. Good that your neighbor looks out for you.

  7. It is so hard when you cannot go to see your loved one...when we had a severe covid outbreak where I work, the staff sort of became the residents's family members as surrogates...but we never just pushed the calls of the real ones aside, they have the right to know exactly what s going on. I am sorry you get the short shrift from some of them. One soon learns who are the care givers that truly care and those that are just there for a job...

    You do have observant and caring neighbours and friends! And I sure hope your hubby can figure out that phone, it looks to be a lot simpler one. Maybe it will be good. Can you put some bright nailpolish on the button he needs to push when he gets an incomiing call?

    I hope your week will go well and not be full of complications.


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