1 Jul 2021


1. It's been said the best things in life are free...are they? What are some of those things? 

I would say, Friends, smiles and laughter, happy memories, and love, 

2. Stars or stripes? Red, white, or blue? Apple pie or home made ice cream? Do you like hotdogs? If so, what do you like on yours? 

I prefer stars in the sky but stripes on a painting. My favorite color is Red, white is not a color.  I am not a fan of apple pie, but love ice cream, home made or not ! I also like hotdogs just with a bit of mustard.

3. One thing on your summer bucket list? Any plans to make it happen soon? 

It all depends on Mr. or Mrs Corona's colors !  (no scientfic has found out if it is male or female) Probably I'll make little one day excursions and take "sunbaths" in shade on our balcony. If it would be possible I would go to Egypt in November, but as I said, it all depends !

4. What's your summer anthem? Yes, you need to have one. 

I don't know any anthem not for summer and not for winter. Sometimes I pick up a song in the morning which somebody sings and then it stays in my mind the whole day !

5. What's something you love about America? If you live outside of America, tell us something you love about the place you call home. 

About America I love the different landscapes, the Canyons, deserts, rocky mountains, etc. About my place I love that it is very green, surrounded by a lot of woods, fields and little lakes.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I think about the papers I have to fill in, the invoices I have to pay and the shopping list and not to forget the laundry I have to do and bring to  Mr. G.  




William Kendall said...

On those rare occasions when I have hot dogs, I like them with relish and mayo.

peppylady (Dora) said...

My hubby did a load of wash as I was at work.
Coffee is on and stay safe