9 Jul 2021


The week went by as usual, rain and storm, now my umbrellas on the balcony remain on the floor because they fell down a second time. 

I was busy to look for an adequate retirement home and found 5 of which I sent the addresses to the social assistant. Now I have to call them to see if there is a room free and visit the room,  they look very nice from outside.

In the afternoon my neighbor came and also Myriam, I had a problem with my curtains, but fortunately that was quickly solved. It was a nice afternoon we talked about our travels we had done  and thinking of something else then retirement homes was good for me.

Our scrabble day too was nice, it rained again cats and dogs apparently we will have to get used to live in water. This time we were all there nobody was missing, although Nicole hadn't heard her entrance bell and Chantal who had to pick her up had to call her, the phone woke her up and they were a little late. As usual the cakes were delicious. 

Each time I sit down on my relax I fall asleep, and so it was on my shopping day too, I went later fortunately got everything quite quickly mostly cleaning stuff. My cleaning lady came on Thursday and told me that she will be absent for 3 weeks, sha wanted to go to Northern Island to visit her daughter and the meanwhile one year old grandson, but despite her vaccination certificate she was not allowed to enter Ireland and her daughter couldn't go to Poland to meet her there. So she will visit her son and her other grandson who enters University after the summer !

She was a little sad because she had seen the little one when he was born until he was 2 months old. So Rosie and I have to fly through the apartment not to spoil anything and she is not allowed to loose one hair ..

I had already strange birthdays in my life but this one was especially strange. Mr. G was in his clinic but he had a nurse calling me with her phone because with his phone he can only get telephone calls. That made me sad and happy at the same time. I was so tired that I felt like a sleepwaker, and finally decided to call our doctor. I often feel dizzy too. My doctor was on holidays until Monday. I was relieved because usually I have nothing and doctors always find something ! 

My birthday in the Dolce Vita    

My friends had invited me to the "Dolce Vita" restaurant,and I had a very good salad with ham from Parma, and different Italian cheeses. It was as usual very nice, but I wasn't in my usual mood. They also offered me a beautiful travel bag, for our Bus excursions

My son and grandson are coming over the weekend, I think I will start to sing "I will survive" ! 

I never thought that I would get so many birthday wishes from all over the world, people with whom I travelled with the Expat Travels, who still remembered me after 3 and 4 years ! I was really touched. I hadn't said anything because I just wanted to forget my birthday but all these congratulations made me happy means that even after a long time or only virtually friends haven't forgotten me  ! 



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  1. Happy birthday.

    It feels like the world is slowly coming out of corona.

  2. So now you receive belated happy birthday wishes here. I am not surprised people remember you, haha. Have a good weekend with your son and grandson. It will be good to talk to someone close to you, but maybe don't say too much in front of Toby.

  3. Friends are good for you. Are you looking for a retirement home or a care facility for Ric?

  4. Happy birthday. I'm glad you got to celebrate with your friends. I know things are difficult at the moment. Enjoy the visit with your son and Toby.

  5. Happy Birthday.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  6. Happy Birthday to you! I think you spent an enjoyable birthday week with all the Scrabble fun.
    Enjoy your weekend with your son and Toby!

  7. Happy (belated) Birthday to you Gattina!! It sounds like you have many good friends.

    OUr niece and her bf live in Scotland and they can't allow others in either. My good friend from college lives in Ireland and yes they are closed to Americans right now too and our news said the States aren't letting Europeans in to the country yet either. Sigh. If only EVERYONE would get vaccinated.

    I hope you have a good week full of sunshine.

  8. Belated happy birthday! I'm so glad your son and grandson are coming.

    I had thought Mr. G. was going to the retirement home where your painting classes were. Did that not work out? It can get complicated here--sometimes the one you want doesn't have an opening. I'm sorry for all the troubles! Hope they will be worked out soon.

  9. Happy Belated Birthday to you, Gattina. Lovely bag your friends gifted you with. Hope you had a wonderful weekend with your son and Toby.


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