29 Oct 2020


1. Boo, boo-hoo, make a boo-boo, boo(ze)...pick one and tell us how it relates to life lately.

Last Sunday my Grandson whatsapped me and before I opened the camera I quickly put on this mask

and when he saw me I said : Boo ! He wasn't shocked at all but laughed his head of ! He is 10 ! For once I wanted to scare him but it didn't work.

2. Do you like the color orange? Would we find this color in your home? Your wardrobe? Peach-pumpkin-tangeringe...your favorite shade of the three listed?

 I love orange ! When you come into my home you will see a lot of orange, red, a warm yellow and violet.

3. October 28th is National Chocolate Day. What's the last chocolate something you tasted? On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being out of this world delicious, how would you rate it?

I live in Belgium which is said to have the best chocolate in the world ! I am not a big chocolate fan but it is probably true. I love the famous "Leonidas" 

 4. Life is like a box of chocolates or so says Forrest Gump's mama. Would you agree? Aside from the pandemic fallout tell us one way this saying has played out in your life. 

I have never heard what Forrest Gump's mama said, and that's good so because I am not a "sweet" girl. I like fruit cakes but not so much chocolate. If mama is right, then I can't complain about my chocolate box, looking back on my life. Of course I had some roller coaster periods, but they were not long and long forgotten. 

5. As October winds down tell us three things you loved about the month we're bidding adieu

With October starts the time that I hate the most. I can only say that I love nothing not even three things  ! The colored leaves are beautiful, but they will not last and the tree does a striptease ! 

It rains a lot and there are strong winds, but from time to time there is a bit a sunshine too. 

The summer clothes should be put away, but it happens that we have summer temperatures up to 25° C and the next day 10 °C ! You never know how to dress, the best is like an onion and take the layers off when it gets warmer.

Unfortunately I can't tell you three things which I loved in October, because there was nothing to love !

                                                                      Me in October ......

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Not only I don't like October and November, I just support December because Christmas is in view with a lot of decorations and usually also beautiful Christmas markets, but all this is not for us this year ! The Christmas markets have all been cancelled, and Father Christmas is probably wearing a mask this year, or he refuses to come at all not to get the virus and be sick for the next year too !

This year grandparents and parents living far away will get Christmas Internet gift lists with a link to the wanted gift ! That will be quite new ! We oldies have to learn and modernize and certainly not insist that "in my time it was better". Fortunately I am open to everything new and don't regret old toys or handwritten Christmas lists. 

 The worst would be if we all have to stay home and wish each other "Merry Christmas" with a kiss on the screen ! and don't forget to disinfect between each kiss !




Andrew said...

Funny you wearing a mask when Toby called. He will remember his crazy grandma, so different to his serious mother.
I don't really like orange. I am a red and black person.
I don't know if Lindt is Swiss chocolate or not, but I really like Lindt. I don't know the brand you mentioned.
Hmm, I don't really know much at all.

Wendy said...

Good choice of chocolates. My sister-in-law from France would often bring us those Belgian chocolates insisting they were better than any french variety. Yes the weather is very miserable here too. Wellingtons and umbrellas are necessary everyday.

Willow said...

Ha! I laughed about disinfecting the screen between each screen kiss! Definitely, this will be a Christmas everyone will remember--NO Santa!!!

William Kendall said...

Would that be a valid mask in this time of Covid for going out and about?

I miss Grumpy Cat. She was my spirit animal.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Oh the chocolate looks so good.
Stay Safe and Coffee is on