28 Aug 2020


Corona life continues, we are running around with our masks outside, I refuse to wear a mask in my bed !

To contact per phone the different services like water, electricity etc  to tell them that we changed adress becomes a very time consuming task, because everybody has now these telephones where no human being answers you but a recorded voice who tells you to push on one for this and that on n° two for this and that and so on. In Belgium it always starts with the two languages : You hear a voice telling you in Flemish if you want to continue in Flemish then push 1 if you want to continue in French push two and then starts the whole procedure. When finally you have the right service you hear a music and then a voice that all employees are occupied and you are asked to wait.

With all this waiting I found out that if you call a company ask for the accounting, then a human being is quickly answering you because they hope to get money. And then as you are already on the phone they usually connect you with the service you want.

If you have to call your bank for any reason, push on the button which concerns investmensts ! Immediately you get a human on the phone of course they too want money. So I got immediately an appointment, not to invest (but that I didn't tell) but to change my adress. Once in the bank they can't throw you out !

I am getting crazy with all this paper work after the move and that you have to take appointments everywhere ! All this because of little Corona !

In fact that's what I was doing the whole week and spent all mornings on the phone, until my ear was completely red.

Fortunately our apartment is finished and everything in it's place besides little things and the paintings to be hung which are still in a corner out of the way. My junk room is now a dressing room and the worst is over.

When you move from a house into an apartment you have to be creative ! As we don't use the bathtub I put our bedlinnen on a plank on the bath and hid it with a curtain ! Looks very nice !

Our living room is finished too, except 4 chairs are missing which I have to pick up next week.

In the beginning of the week it was still very warm in the evenings and I created my "outside" office !

The sky and sunsets are often spectacular !

my little stalker, the neighbor cat

and Rosie observing her world

We won't have our painting class back in September as it is in a Retirement Home and Homes are closed for the moment because the Corona statistics have increased again ! And our room for painting is there.

Poor Mr. G's Whist Club is closed too, so they get together privately to play at least once a week !

Today the lunch was delicious, a veal steak on an eggplant slice topped with a lot of parmesan cheese and tomato sauce !

Instead of painting we go to the Italian Restaurant which we love and as usually I always take a plate for Mr. G.. with me, the waitress asked me today "No plate for your husband tonight ???" I thanked her I had forgotten ! What a shame !

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  1. Kiss Mr G goodnight without a mask.
    I might have a bath about once every couple of months, and I enjoy it when I do. It is a nice occasional treat.
    You are very cunning at the way you circumvent the utility phone systems.
    Good that you really like your new abode.

  2. Not sure which five things are your faves here but i love your apt pics!!! 😀

  3. Do some of these companies have ways to change your address on their web sites? It's been ten years since we moved, and my husband took care of all that, so I don't know or remember. But it seems like they would. But, anyway, that's a creative way of getting to a live person on the phone. On the plus side, soon all that stuff will be done, if it isn't already.

    You have a nice view from your outdoor work area.

  4. The neighbour cat is a sweetheart.

  5. Well I hope I can do a lot of the address changes online. We still don't have a moving date so I'm not sure how long it will be before our new place is looking as good as yours.

  6. Very creative idea to use the bath as a shelf then hide it behind a curtain. I have to dust my bath occasionally as it is never used.

  7. Great pictures!
    Gradually, everything falls into its right place, and you'll start enjoying the whole apartment. Well done, so far!

  8. Posting this to see if it generates an email for you. I wasn't sure if you'd managed to fix it or not?

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  10. Love to have ex junk room, I am working on it.

  11. It sure is frustrating to communicate with the recorded voice. When I finally reach the live person, I have to give the same information that I gave to recorded voice all over again.
    Your stalker is a cutie :-) And the waitress is very nice to remind you of the plate for Mr. G!

  12. Can you not do it online? I remember in Norway I only needed to change my address on one site and everything went from there. In Northern Ireland it was a bit more difficult and I wouldn't even know how it is here. We will see when I finally get to move.


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